Android Wear: Google reveals new watch details at I/O

Google introduced the finalized version of Android Wear at Google I/O 2014. The company showed off the new wearable software on the LG G Watch. Google’s research indicates that people check their smartphones an average of 125 times a day and claims that smartwatches exist to let you access notifications without having to find your phone.

To ensure that transitions between smartphone and smartwatch use are seamless, Google has incorporated many design elements from Android L into Android Wear. Functionality is also the same and Android Wear is contextually aware to your location to provide the most accurate, real-time information possible.

Google also announced the first three Android Wear devices during the keynote. The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live smartwatches will be available on the Google Play Store later today, while the long-awaited Moto 360 will arrive later this summer. All three smartwatches were used during the demos of Android Wear.

Seamless experience from smartphone to smartwatch and back again

When you open an app on your Android Wear smartwatch, any action that you perform will automatically occur in the same app that’s installed on your smartphone.

For example, if you swipe away a notification on your smartwatch, when you open up your smartphone, that notification will no longer exist. That way, you never have to look at any notification more than once.

This seamless syncing of apps between your smartphone and smartwatch also works in the other direction. So if you order a plane ticket on your smartphone, your boarding pass and flight info will automatically appear on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Google wants to make the transition from smartwatch to smartphone use so seamless that you don’t even have to worry about installing the same apps that are on your smartphone on your Android Wear device. Once you sync your smartwatch with your Android smartphone, the wearable portion of the app that you have open on your smartphone will automatically install on your smartwatch. From then on, you can access that app on both devices. The app will also automatically update on your smartwatch, so you don’t have to worry about whether you have the latest version installed on your Android Wear device.

Additionally, the music controls on your smartwatch can be used to play songs and adjust volume on your smartphone.

Contextual awareness gives you accurate, real-time notifications

Not only does Android Wear sync with your smartphone to make sure that your info is up to date on all your devices, it also is contextually aware. Based on your location data, your smartwatch can tell where you are at any given moment and issue relevant notifications. 

So if you ask your smartwatch to remind you to send a birthday package to your mom when you get home, the moment Android Wear realizes that you are home, it will send you the reminder notification immediately.


Android Wear’s location awareness also works great when you’re traveling. Your smartwatch will send you relevant information about the sights you’re seeing and the layout of the area you are visiting.

Voice commands make tasks easier

As predicted, Android Wear uses a lot of voice control to get things done more quickly and easily. You can say, “Ok Google, call me a car” to get a ride from Lyft, ask Google Now to remind you to to send a letter, and almost anything else you can think of.

We will update this post with more new info about Android Wear as Google reveals it. In the meantime, check out or Android Wear rumor roundup on the next page.

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