DT Daily: China gov’t bans Apple products, 1.5 billion accounts hacked, Push for Pizza app

Today on DT Daily: China nixes government use of some Apple products, hackers harvest over a billion passwords and ordering pizza just got a whole lot easier.

Bloomberg News is reporting that the Chinese government has taken ten Apple products off the list of tech the communist state will buy for government workers.

The ban apparently isn’t due to some falling out between China and the American tech giant; after all, many Apple products are built in China. Rather, the Chinese say they have security concerns with the ten products, which includes popular iPad and MacBook models. To be clear, Chinese consumers can still buy the products and Apple still operates one of their iconic Apple Stores in China.

But it looks like party members will be rocking more Lenovo bits than Apple i-products for a while.

Remember the big news recently that Target was… targeted by hackers who stole millions of customer data files? Yeah, well that crime now appears to be small-time next to the latest data breach of well over a billion passwords and credentials scooped up by a Russian crime mob.

According to Hold Security and a second independent investigator, Rusky hackers have apparently targeted over 400,000 websites big and small with botnets to round up a large percentage of the world’s sign-in info. So what’s their plan? Hit Amazon with a billion orders for big-screen TVs? Nope: investigators say the hackers are selling the info to spammers and other online low-lifes hoping to lure you into buying whatever snake oil they’re peddling. So, yep, it’s that time again: start changing your passwords.

Feeling hungry and a bit lazy after a hard day or work, parenting, school or binge-watching Game of Thrones? How about some pizza? If only it wasn’t so difficult to punch the digits to Sy’s, place your order and wait for the delivery guy. If only there were an app for that…

Well there is now, and we gotta say, when it comes to an app for ordering pizza, Push for Pizza pretty much nails it. Developed by these smart, funny but perhaps less-than-motivated teens, Push for Pizza is just that: a one-button app that results in delicious pizza – cheese or pepperoni – delivered to your door. Just fill out the details  one time and when the pizza jones hits, just hit the big button and you’re good to go.

Plus, their startup-spoofing pitch video is hilarious. Push for Pizza is available now for iPhone and is still rolling sort of rolling out, and we pity the pizza joint owner that passes on getting on board with this app.

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