DT Daily: Fitness tracking tattoos, Amazon password reset

Here’s our roundup of tech news headlines for November 25, 2015.

Amazon users take note, yeah that’s probably all of you out there, there is a potential security issue on the e-commerce site. Now before widespread panic ensues, be assured that Amazon wasn’t hacked. The company simply taking a precautionary step and notifying a number of its customers that their passwords were “improperly stored or transmitted to amazon in a way that could expose them to a 3rd party.”

There’s no evidence of the data being leaked, but obviously Amazon is taking this very seriously and asking affected customers to reset their passwords. Ok, resume your online shopping.

Speaking of the holiday shopping season, some of the most gifted items are expected to be fitness trackers. One downside to these wearable devices is that the only work when you’re wearing them, obviously. For people who want to take fitness tracking to the next level, there’s the Tech Tat. Yes, it’s temporary tattoo that embeds a fitness tracker on your skin. It monitors body temperature and stress levels along with heart rate, blood pressure, and other vitals. Along with activity tracking there are applications for this in the medical field, and down the road it could even store your credit card information.

Sure it might take some getting used to, I mean most people stopped wearing temporary tattoos in middle school… but maybe if they make some really cool Star Wars themed ones… or Hello Kitty! Yeah. There we go.

That’s DT Daily for this week, we’ll be back after the long holiday weekend.