DT Daily: Ford’s superb new GT supercar, life-size Pac-Man, Space-X rocket mishap

Today on DT Daily: Ford’s new GT supercar drops jaws in Detroit, some life-size Pac-Man action, and Elon Musk’s rocket almost sticks the landing.

The Detroit Auto show is under way right now and pretty much all anyone can talk about is the new Ford GT. Why? Because it looks awesome and it’s packing 600 horsepower in a lightweight, high-tech chassis. And it’s coming out next year.

The GT is the latest evolution of the GT40, which Ford originally designed to race against Ferrari in the 1960s. That V8 monster got the job done and a legend was born. Ten years ago, Ford released an modern version of the supercar, which is highly sought after today. But it really doesn’t hold a candle to the new GT, which ditches the big V8 for a more modern and race-bred twin-turbo V6 Ecoboost powerplant.

And in our opinion, it’s every bit as good looking as the supercars coming from Italy and elsewhere, so hey, we’ll take two…

We’ll admit we find those Bug Light “up for whatever” ads mildly entertaining, but it looks like they’re going to be taking things to a whole new level of geekiness for the upcoming “big game” on February first.

How so? With this: A life-size reproduction of the Pac-Man maze, which recently popped up in Los Angeles. Various folks on social media have caught glimpses of the giant maze, and one Instagrammer even posted a short video clip of the maze in action. We can only assume that the lucky “up for anything” contestant will have to outrun the four ghosts per usual, so that’s at least one big game ad we’re looking forward to seeing.

And finally, no one said it would be easy, even though Space X and Tesla boss Elon Musk tends to make the impossible look easy most of the time. His latest trick? Trying to land a used, 14-story tall rocket on a little pad out in the ocean. Space X gave it a go on Saturday, and the maneuver was supposed to go like previous practice runs, but in the end, Musk said he rocket ran out of hydraulic fluid and landed too hard, damaging the floating landing pad and the rocket.

Musk said there’s no video of the crash landing, in which no one was hurt, but since he recently did land a fat contract to supply the International Space Station, he’ll have about a dozen more chances to get it right this year. Make it so, Elon.

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