DT Daily: Hacking the Keurig, Pebble watch 2.0, Google to compete with Uber?

Today on DT Daily: How to hack your Keurig, Pebble gets ready for what’s next, and Uber may get some more competition from a little company called Google.

Those single-serve artisan coffee makers are big business, and the top brewer in the market is the Keurig. Problem is, it only brews those Keurig-branded coffee thingies. Well, until now.

The countdown to the April release of the Apple watch is under way, but one of the first smartwatch makers, Pebble, is actually readying the second version of their already popular watchWhat can we expect?

Here’s a conundrum for ride service Uber: what do you do when one of your primary investors appears to be on course towards launching a service that directly competes with yours? That’s just the situation facing Uber as Google, a huge investor in Uber, looks to be developing a ride-hailing service of their own – and with self-driving cars. Here’s what Uber is working on to level the driving playing field.

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