DT Daily: Hyperlocal weather gadget, Apple dominates, rare Corvette for sale

Today on DT Daily: How to check the weather… everywhere, Apple cleaned up this Christmas, and a seriously cool vintage Corvette is up for sale.

A million years ago, if you wanted to check the weather, you either went outside and took your chances or you waited until the 5 o’clock news to get a typically inaccurate forecast.

Smartphones changed all that, of course. Now you can use any number of apps to get an instant forecast. But the BloomSky device takes things a step further. The little weather-sensing globe measures wind, humidity, temperature, precipitation and more, and then sends the data to your phone so you know exactly what the weather is like where you live. Plus, it takes a timelapse video of the sky each day. The video and all that info then goes into the cloud – the techie cloud, that is.

If there are other BloomSky units in your area, you can tap into them as well. A basic Bloomsky module is $150 on preorder, but we recommend the solar kit with an indoor module for $210.

So, how big a hit is the new iPhone? Let’s put it this way: over a five-day period ending on Christmas, Apple products crushed all others when it comes to the number of mobile devices activated.

According to mobile analytics site Flurry, Apple devices accounted for 51 percent of all mobile devices booted up for the first time between December 19th and Christmas day. Samsung was a distant second at a tick under 18 percent, followed by Nokia, Sony and LG with single-digit scores. That kind of market domination is truly amazing. Oh, and what was the most popular Apple product activated? The iPhone 6, with the 6 Plus close behind.

If you’re a Corvette collector, you probably don’t have the “SR-2” model in your collection, since there’s only three in existence. But, hey, good news, now there’s one for sale! It’s actually called the 1956 Corvette SR-2, and it’s a specially built race car that should make any car lover’s jaw drop.

The SR-2 features a fuel-injected 5.4-liter V-8 that makes over 330 horsepower, and the car’s suspension was upgraded for racing against Porsches, Ferraris and Jaguars. It’s also 300 pounds lighter than a street model. And nothing says “real racing” like a wooden steering wheel, tiny dual windscreens and a giant fin behind the driver’s seat.

Got your checkbook handy? A paltry $6.8 million will net you this rarest of rare ‘Vettes. But who can put a price on this kind of cool?

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