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Digital Trends Live: Google Maps update, Apple Watch sales, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Ryan Waniata discuss the biggest-trending stories in tech, including a major update to Google Maps, Apple Watch sales outpacing the Swiss watch industry, neural network 4K upscaling, rocket talk, and more.

We then turn to the world of gaming, where Lisa Marie Segarra, DT’s gaming editor,  joins us from our New York studios to talk about the effects of the coronavirus on Nintendo Switch production. She also discusses the 20th anniversary of The Sims.

Vlad Panchenko

Next up, Vlad Panchenko, founder and chief executive officer of DMarket, talks about how to make gaming profitable for players and developers, and how allowing third-party skins has opened up a multibillion dollar industry.

Luke Larsen later joins Nibler to discuss rethinking Windows in the PC ecosystem, and how Panos Panay has taken over Windows and Surface to make Windows exciting again.

Dr. Hesaam Esfandyarpour

Nibler then welcomes Dr. Hesaam Esfandyarpour, founder and CEO of GenapSys, about how to make gene sequencing more affordable, and how GenapSys is 100 times smaller and more affordable than current systems.

Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun, managing partner at Sun Group Wealth Partners, also joins the program to discuss financial planning for a longer retirement.

It’s then time for Reel News, where Erin Keeney joins Nibler to talk all about the Oscars, the nomination process, who gets to vote, and the snubs and favorites.

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