New feature in iOS 11 Beta can quickly disable Touch ID

A new found feature in iOS 11 that quickly disables Touch ID is being called a ‘cop button’. By pressing the power button 5 times quickly, an emergency screen appears for making SOS calls, and it also forces passphrase entry to unlock the phone. iOS 11 beta testers uncovered the new feature and took to twitter with the findings. This would be a very useful feature for someone in a situation where they’re being forced or coerced to unlock the phone because it removes Touch ID as an option for unlocking the phone.
With the expectation of face unlocking coming with the iPhone 8 this feature would be even more useful in situations where a user would want to keep their phone locked.

T-Mobile is expanding its network again, but this time it’s on a new frequency, that nobody can use… yet. The 600 megahertz LTE network in Cheyenne, Wyoming went online yesterday and it’s an early step in developing the 5G network. The benefit of this frequency is it can travel long distances without weakening, making it easier to deploy. It can also
carry an LTE signal farther and deeper into buildings. These are the frequencies previously used by TV stations before the changeover to HD nearly a decade ago.
As of now, nobody makes a smartphone with a 600Mhz antenna. But T-Mobile is working with infrastructure providers, chipset makers, and device manufacturers. So expect to see compatible phones available in the next few months.

Crossing the Atlantic by boat isn’t something most people get to, or even want to do. But given the chance make the crossing in a luxury yacht designed by Porsche? Yeah, I’d do that. Monaco-based yacht builder Dynamiq teamed with Porsche for the design of a small lineup of limited edition hybrid performance yachts The first in the series, currently nearing completion, is the Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid superyacht. It’s powered by twin 1,700 horsepower diesel engines paired with Fortjes 5000 pods driven by 45 kilowatt generators.

The starting price for Dynamiq GTT 115s is just under $14 million, but that doesn’t include the hybrid power system or other upgrades.

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