Google gets serious about VR, will replace Cardboard this year with new headset

Google is finally ready to move beyond cardboard and give its VR headset a much-needed upgrade. According to Financial Times, Google will ditch the fold-yourself Cardboard viewer with something that has superior sensors and lenses housed in solid plastic, due sometime later this year. Outside of that, details are scant.

If you ask us, Cardboard was one of Google’s better ideas. The DIY-style device put VR directly in the hands of the masses while Occulus, Sony, HTC, and Samsung were busy shooting for the moon, and, in doing so, helped stoke interest in VR. You can thank Cardboard for getting us ready for one of the biggest revolutions to hit the tech scene since the Internet. Now, let’s just hope the new viewer is a little more comfortable, if not entirely recyclable.

Peruse the halls of the Malware Musem

Wanna take a little trip down tech memory lane? Head on over to The Malware Museum. Just released by the Internet Archive, it’s a collection of malware programs — mostly viruses — that may have infected your home computer sometime back in the 80’s and 90’s. If you were working on an IBM PCjr, or maybe an Amiga 500, you might remember having to pick up a piece of anti-virus software to try to rid yourself of these programs.

Now you can download all 79 of them, freed of their malicious properties, but with all the messages intact, which means you know someone out there is about to have a field day with their office’s network. We think we like the V sign best. So ominous. Though Ambulance is kind of a classic.

Tim Cook a little fuzzy on Twitter

Ok, here’s one just ’cause we had to: If you were as glued to your smartphone as you were to your TV during the Super Bowl last night, then you might have seen this trending. Apple CEO Tim Cook was at Levi’s stadium for the big game and tweeted this picture of raining confetti celebrating the Bronco’s win over the Panthers. Only trouble, as you can see, is that it’s super blurry. And you know that was taken with an iPhone.

Not sure was Cook was thinking there. Nevermind that there are plenty of good reasons that photo turned out blurry. You just don’t post a blurry photo when you’re the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world. You take another one. Cook must have been caught up in the excitement, though, because the pic hit Twitter and then the Twitterverse, surprising no one, had a field day with it. And it’s still going.

At this point, I’m looking forward to Apple and Tim Cook using this opportunity to make fun of themselves at their next event, which could be as soon as this March. You watch, if Apple has the sense of humor I think it does, there will definitely be a blurry photo joke in there somewhere. That’s it for DT Daily in this weird post-Super Bowl reality we live in. Keep it locked on throughout the day for the latest tech news.

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