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Day 3 at MWC2018: Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro drives an autonomous car

DT Daily continues today with more highlights from Andy Boxall at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

Huawei you can drive my car

How much tech does it take to drive an autonomous car? Trust us: A lot. But does a top-tier smartphone have enough digital horsepower to do the job? It just might. Huawei showcased their Mate 10 Pro doing obstacle avoidance, forward vision and other tasks as it guided a modified Porsche Panamera around a test track in Barcelona. Staffers rolled out obstacles for the car (and the phone) to avoid, and users can even pick options on how you’d like the car to respond. Andy Boxall was along for the ride.

Say, isn’t that a…

A lot pf people said Apple’s iPhone X form factor was a gamble, given that unusual notch in the top of the screen. It certainly is… different. Or at least, it was. ASUS has unveiled two new Zenfone 5 models that look… very familiar. ASUS says the signature “notch” in the display wasn’t “invented” by Apple, but you’d be excused for confusing it with a certain popular i-device. We’ll have to see what Apple’s lawyers think of it.

Vivo APEX looks to the future

After Apple apparently couldn’t get a sub-screen print reader to work (or at least work well enough), Vivo pushed forward on the tech anyway and made it work, and now they’ve upped the game again with even more tech innovation inside the APEX phone – which at this point is still a concept, and not a production model.

With features like a 95 percent screen-to chassis ratio, dual and multi sub-screen print readers, a vibrating screen instead of speakers and a body packed with sensors, the APEX seems like a phone from the future – or at least the near future. Will all this cool tech make its way into future handsets? We certainly hope so.

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