Microsoft aims for the future of Win10 at Build event

It’s Microsoft’s big day as the Build developer conference opens for a three-day run in San Francisco. CEO Satya Nadella kicked off the party by saying Redmond is going to focus on three areas: an “intelligent cloud,” giving Windows 10 users more power to create, and reinventing business productivity.

One new Win10 feature that’s going to arrive in a future update is Windows Ink, a pen-based system both for creativity and more mundane stuff like writing up a sticky note or whiteboard. But of course, one of the most anticipated topics for Build is Hololens, Microsoft’s cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality gear that’s still in development.

With VR coming on strong, we’re hoping the Hololens system gets at least a possible release date. Check out our coverage of the build conference for all the latest details.

We see a lot of cool innovation on crowdfunding sites, but we’re a bit suspect about one current project that’s creating a lot of buzz. It’s called the Triton, a device for breathing underwater, and it’s raised nearly a million dollars on Indiegogo.

Triton’s makers claim their device allows divers to breathe underwater literally like a fish by way of these artificial gills. According to Triton’s inventor, microscopic holes and a secret substance inside the Triton generate enough oxygen to stay underwater for 45 minutes – pretty amazing and a holy grail fro divers. No air tanks, weights and so forth.

Except we talked with some marine science folks who have tried to achieve what the Triton is claiming and so far, they’re saying that given the tech at hand, the Triton’s claims definitely do NOT hold water. We also talked to Triton’s makers and of course, they say the device is for real but can’t reveal the ingredients in the secret sauce that makes it work. The Triton is taking orders now for just 300 bucks, we suggest you choose wisely on how to spend your cash.

Remember flip phones? Heck, you may still be rocking one and if so, consider upgrading to the Gionee W909 as soon as possible. Why? Well, we think it’s a pretty smart phone – for a flip phone. The 909 features TWO 4.2-inch touch screens and it packs a fair bit of horsepower as well. It has a 16-megapixel camera, dual sim slots, the new USB-C port, Micro SD slot and runs on Android.

Cost is about $600 and it’s only available in China – which means you can order it right now from numerous vendors who will happily ship it anywhere in the world.

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