Play Store pops up in redditor’s Google Chrome OS dev build

If you’re a Chromebook user and have been sad about the relative lack of apps in Chrome OS, we have some good news. A redditor with the handle TheWiseYoda screencapped what appears to be the option to use Play in Chrome, but shortly after he spotted it, the option vanished. After poking around some more in the developer build of Chrome OS, Yoda and others were apparently able to make the Play Store option activate.

But to be clear, the Play Store option is only in the developer build and is not something you can switch on in the current version of Chrome OS. But if it does eventually arrive, it will mark a huge expansion of capabilities for Chrome, and bring it more in line with it’s more mainstream counterparts, Windows and MacOS.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next Apple watch may be able to work independently of an iPhone. The article says Apple could be building full cell network connectivity into the watch, along with giving it more processing power, which would be needed if the watch were to fly solo.

Also, Apple is making app developers create watch-specific apps as of June first, which should speed up the watch’s OS, since it won’t need to talk to the phone over Bluetooth all the time. Challenges? Battery life, of course, but a battery-filled band may help there. And then there’s making people talk into their watch like Dick Tracy, which was cool in the 1940s, but now, not so much. So you know what that means: the return of the Bluetooth headset.

They say no man is an island, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live on an island, especially if it’s as cool as the Unidentified Floating Object, or UFO. Released as a concept by the Italian company Jet Capsule, the UFO is essentially an outgrowth of the slick orb-like motorboats the company already produces.

They’ve pretty much reshaped and scaled the boats up into these floating discs that feature transparent lower quarters for endless fish gazing, a rather comfy upper level, and a round exterior which can be configured a variety of ways to include solar power, garden spots or a track for your bike. A small motor provides forward motion at a not very brisk 3.5 miles an hour, but hey, if you’re living aboard this thing, what’s the hurry anyway?

Check out all the photos and specs at the link below, and if you decide to float your UFO in the Virgin Islands or off the coast of Belize, consider abducting us, we’ll bring wine. We’ve got the rest of the day’s tech news at Digital Trends dot com and check in at our FB page and YouTube channel as well. We’ll be back again tomorrow.

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