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Tech giants count up their cash as the battle to buy Twitter gears up

Do I hear $14 billion?

It’s Friday, September 23rd, and the question of the day is: Who’s going to buy Twitter? Stock in the iconic but troubled social media giant surged today as CNBC and other outlets reported the company couldbe looking for a buyer, and some giant tech firms immediately got in on the action. Who’s game? Rumor is Microsoft, Google, Verizon – who just bought Yahoo – and even are checking their checking accounts.

Twitter has a current market cap of a bit over $13 billion, a figure pumped up today by an astounding 22-percent spike in their stock price on the for-sale rumors. Oddly NOT mentioned: cash-rich Apple, which could buy Twitter with the money Tim Cook has lost in his couch cushions.

While Twitter is a social media juggernaut, they’ve actually struggled financially, with founder Jack Dorsey recently returning as CEO to try and right the ship. Looks like part of that plan may include selling the boat altogether.

Google’s Daydream project moves closer to virtual reality

While Google tries to elbow other companies out of the way to bag Twitter, it’s also worth noting that their VR tech known as Daydream is now officially out of Beta and ready for developers.

Daydream is phone-based instead of PC-based, and will be baked into future version of the Android OS will allow users to use their favorite Androis apps… in VR. Pretty cool. One current problem is that, right now, there aren’t any current phones that can run Daydream – although that could change very soon with the release of the Google Pixel phones that just bubbled up out of the internet rumor pond. They’re expected to be announced October 4th, so stay tuned.

Do you love me, now that I can dance?

Hey it’s Friday and if you’ve got a party, wedding or DJ gig happening this weekend, we’ve got some playlists for you. DT music man Parker Hall has cobbled together some truly epic Spotify playlists including Best Dance Songs, Best Wedding Dance Songs, and an ultimate Party Songs list.

Everything you need to get your party started – and going for hours – is there, from 80s club classics you know by heart to the latest hip-hop hits. So put your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and then put them down and get your groove on.

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