Tinder locks out the kids, Larry Page wants to drive and fly

Sorry kids, but here’s one more thing you’ll now need to be 18 to use: Tinder. Originally, you could be 13 – the lower limit for having a Facebook account – to be able to swipe away for a date, but now, Tinder says it is going to raise the age limit to 18. A spokesperson for the icon of the retail-like digital dating/hook-up  era says the age limit change was the right thing to do at this time and the new age limit goes into effect next week.


Following last week’s lesson in password failure courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg getting his largely inactive Twitter account hacked, a website that specializes in compiling data breaches says they have now added 32 million twitter credentials to their list. LeakedSource says they’ve added the Twitter credential haul – which they claim is largely from Russian users affected by malware – to their compendium of nearly 2 billion hacked digital IDs.

Twitter exec Michael Coates said Twitter itself was not hacked directly. And, to their credit, LeakedSource is working with Twitter and has made it easy to see if you are among the hacked. Go here to find out.


Ah, flying cars. Will there ever, ever be a real one? Well, if Google co-founder Larry Page has his way, and he probably will, we could be driving – and flying – sooner than later.

According to Bloomberg, the tech zillionaire personally – and very secretly – is funding a flying car effort called Zee.Aero, and was so hands-on that he had a rather impressive man-cave on the second floor of the outfit’s main office, which was located right next door to Google’s main campus in Mountain View, California. Page was also only known as “Gus” by the Zee.Aero crew, which reportedly was an acronym for him being the “guy up-stairs.”

So, where’s the miracle flying car? Bloomberg says the company is testing out prototypes at an airport near Hollister, and they also have a facility at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View. About 150 people are reportedly working on the project. How serious is Page about flying cars? Zee.Aero has a competitor called Kitty Hawk, also located in Mountain View. One of their primary investors… is Larry Page.

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