Twitter pulls plug on 230,000 accounts as fight against extremists ramps up

Twitter locks down hundred of thousands of “extremist” accounts

After an increasing amount of criticism, Twitter has suspended nearly a quarter million accounts they say promoted extremism. Twitter has been slow to yank accounts, since it has always cast itself as a free speech, pretty much anything goes forum. But that has become problematic in light of an increasing number of deadly terror attacks, which groups often praise on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The service began cracking down last year in fact, and to date, Twitter says they have suspended 360,000 accounts, which in view of their user base of over 300 million, is a small percentage. Twitter just added more tools for reporting extremism and has also expanded teams responding to complaints. Even with those changes, some users stay there’s still a ways to go to purge the haters, bullies and terrorists from the popular service.

Report: Apple Watch 2 will not be free to fly solo

With Apple’s expected reveal of the iPhone 7 just weeks away, there’s news today that the new version of the Apple Watch will be missing a rumored key feature: standalone cellular service ability. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has come up against a technical hurdle they just can’t quite clear yet when it comes the watches’ size, battery life and abilities. But it is a compelling idea: you could leave that heavy bulky iPhone at home. You know, it’s sooo bulky.

Packing a cellular radio system into the watch isn’t a problem, but keeping it powered up all day is, unless you’re willing to swell up the size of the watch, which Apple no doubt is unwilling to do. However, Bloomberg does say that the Apple Watch 2 will sport independent GPS, which will make fitness apps and other functions more watch-independent, so they’re on the right road, as it were. Don’t worry, in time, you too can look like Dick Tracy and talk into your watch.

DT Review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is up

One of the more anticipated video game releases is now upon us: Ion Storm’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Originally a defining RPG first release 16 years ago, this latest version is set two years after the evnts of the 2011 releases called Human Revolution. Set in a dystopic,  cyberpunk Prague, the game pits humans, cyborgs – or augs, machines and other elements against each other as mankind… or at least what mankind has become, fights for survival.

The game is infused with a political themes about racism, oppression and rebellion, but that’s secondary to the fantastic gameplay. The game looks good, too, but it’s not a huge leap over the previous version. You can check out DT gamer Will Fulton’s full review right here and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is available for pre-order now for 59.99.

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