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VTech hacking suspect nabbed by UK police | DT Daily

A suspect has been arrested in the VTech kids’ toy hacking case. UK police slapped the cuffs on a 21-year old man early on Tuesday as part of an ongoing investigation into the hacking. Estimates indicate almost 6.5 million kids profiles and nearly 5 million adult accounts were compromised in what might be described as the most unscrupulous hack to hit headlines in years.

No credit card info was obtained, but childrens’ names, photos and addresses are said to have been accessed, which, aside from being a black eye on VTech, is just straight up creepy. The suspect hasn’t yet been named, but something tells us his next few days behind bars probably won’t be so … enjoyable. Happy Holidays, creep!

Cable and Satellite TV providers are feeling the pinch of lost subscribers as “Cord Cutters” ditch traditional TV for streaming entertainment from sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV. That being the case, it’s more important than ever that they offer attractive features, better pricing and … well better customer service would be nice (don’t hold your breath on that one).

To do its part, Verizon is now allowing its FiOS customers to stream “nearly all” of their DVR recordings anywhere their Android or iOS devices have an Internet connection. Verizon did not elaborate on what content would be excluded, so we’ll have to wait for the other foot to drop, but this does give consumers baked-in capabilities that once were only available with the addition of Sling boxes and select TiVo Roamio DVRs.

Hit the link below to bone up on all the stipulations, and stay tuned to digital trends for emerging details. In the meantime … Netflix and Chill.

Finally, if you’re a hard-core procrastinator like we are, here’s your wake-up call: You’ve got just a few days of shopping left to buy any gifts you want to give this holiday season.

Time to get on it! And if you’re looking for some killer tech gifts for kids, we have an awesome list you need to check out. Simon Hill rounded up the best tech gifts for kids, and there are some winners on there. Click the link below, you can check out video of most of the toys in action. And you’re welcome!

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