Vuze gets your 360-degree VR video career going, CES Asia preview

If you’ve been enjoying the new wave of 3D and 360-degree videos appearing on YouTube and Facebook, maybe it’s time you started making your own. To that end, we suggest you start planning your epic VR adventure and then head to the Vuze website to preorder their VR kit, which includes the Vuze 360-degree 4K camera, a handy tripod/selfie stick and a VR headset that works with your smartphone.

The system also includes the Vuze app and Studio software, which will stitch together your footage from the eight sensors in the pocket-sized camera. It even comes in a variety of fun colors. Just this past January at CES 2016, Vuze said the camera would be $1,000 but the whole kit ended up being just $799, so that’s some good news as well. Vuze says the setup will ship in October, right in time to record all your holiday VR shenanigans.


Ever want to google something and send the result to a friend while tapping out a text message on your iPhone? You’ve got to pull up a browser, then copy, cut, paste, etc, – and then do it again because you messed it up. Hassle, right? Google to the rescue, of course. They’ve just released the new Gboard for iOS, and it has a colorful little G button that lets you Google away -and then just drag the result right into the text message.

The ironic part? The Gboard isn’t yet available for Google’s own Android OS, but we’re pretty sure that they’re working on it. The Gboard app is free.


If you’re a techie at heart you know all about CES, the giant technology show DT covers to exhaustion each January in Las Vegas. CES is expanding its reach with a new tech gathering in Shanghai, and last year was their first outing, so CES Asia started small.

Year Two? Yeah, not so much. The show has suddenly gotten huge, and DT Editor in Chief Jeremy Kapaln braved the long flight overseas to check it out. The top tech in Shanghai? Drones, smart cars, smart homes, that Internet of things thing and robots. Our man Kaplan even made a snazzy 360-degree VR overview video for your viewing pleasure, and we’ll have many more as the show goes on, so be sure to take a look around and keep up with the latest stories from CES Asia right here.

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