What to expect from Apple’s March 21 event

It seems everyone is buzzing about Android N. Why?

Yesterday, Google unleashed the developer preview for Android N, the code name for the new Android operating system. You can only get it if you own a Nexus phone or a Pixel C tablet, but apparently the new features it is going to come with include split-screen mode for stock Android, picture-in-picture mode, and a revised notifications bar.

This is what’s getting folks all excited? We’re all for the Android Army fan-club, but … can we just take a second to recognize that Android Marshmallow, which was  officially released by Google in September, is still only on about 2.5% of phones right now? It seems clear Android has an upgrade deployment problem that runs deep.

You know what is fun, though? The annual guessing game as to what the ‘N’ will stand for. So far we’re thinking Napoleon, Neopolitan, Nutella, Nerds, or my personal favorite: Nutty Buddy. Yes. Android Nutty Buddy. Make it so.

Scientists grow eyeballs from stem cells

The day’s tech news seemed a bit dry, until we stumbled on this little slice of awesome: A stem cell research breakthrough has scientists growing human eyeballs. It looks as if we may one day be able to cure some cases of blindness by simply growing eyeballs or eye parts in a petri dish, then implanting them in a blind person’s eye sockets.

In lab tests, scientists gave blind rabbits new corneas and, wouldn’t you know it, now they can see. It’s worked in rabbits and humans are next. This story proves that if you don’t think this is an amazing time to live, then you aren’t paying attention. Go science!

What to expect from Apple’s March 21 event

Finally, Apple’s next event goes down March 21, just 11 days away. And we’re sure to hear a bunch of platitudes about privacy and security, sure, but we also expect to hear about a new iPhone, an new iPad and some other stuff. If we could give the event a theme, we’d call it, more of the same, just smaller. DT expects a 4-inch iPhone, and smaller iPad Pro, and there’s probably going to be more accessories for the Apple Watch as well.

While we have a pretty good idea what hardware we will and won’t see, speculation as to pricing is all over the map, so there will still be good reason to tune into the event. We recommend following Digital Trends for breaking announcements and analysis. The countdown is once again on. And that’s it for DT daily today. Thanks for watching, please like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we’ll see you again right back here, tomorrow.

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