Apple refreshes Macbook lineup, YouTube goes all in on 360 videos

If you’ve been waiting for Apple to update the MacBook line of laptops, today’s the day. Apple’s basic laptops got a bit of a re-skin, with more horsepower from new Intel processors, 8gb of RAM standard, an updated keyboard, a Force Touch trackpad, improved retina display, and the obligatory rose gold color option.

With Apple’s WWDC event locked in for June, we’re hoping to at least see some new MacBook PRO machines and maybe a new MacBook air as well. But for now, the latest Macbooks start at $1,299.


It’s looking like a magic moment for video right now, as several burgeoning technologies, including live video, 360 video and streaming, begin to converge.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has announced that they will support live 360-degree video streaming on the site beginning today. YouTube says they will support 1440 resolution at 60 frames per second, so quality should be great. Additionally, they also will support spatial audio, which means the sound sources will track where you look in the video. For the moment, spatial audio will only work on Android devices, but expect that to change soon.

The first big event to officially feature 360-degree video will be the Coachella music festival. If you want to get in on the 360-degree live streaming video thing, it’s not too difficult, you just need the right camera and a bit of software.


As VR and video games rapidly evolve, it looks like the years-long development cycle of game consoles is about to go out the window. According to the site Eurogamer, Sony is in the thick of a major upgrade to the Playstation 4 in order to add more processing power, graphics performance and memory to likely make it more compatible with VR headsets and ever-rising 4K gaming demands.

The codename for the new console: Neo, as in that guy in that movie about a very convincing virtual reality. In fact, gamer site Giant Bomb reports future PS4’s will have two modes: a base “normal mode” for traditional gaming and a “Neo” mode for better 4K gaming performance – and likely for future VR capability. The Playstation NEO box will likely arrive in time for the holidays.