DT Daily: Anti-gravity machine, Amazon buys Twitch, GoPro for Fido

Today on DT Daily: A novel kickstarter campaign literally gets off the ground, Amazon gets twitchy, and GoPro goes to the dogs.

Inventor Richard Haberkern of California loves Kickstarter, and if his past successes are any indicator, the affair works both ways.

Haberkern has successfully funded such fun inventions as the highly directional ‘sound laser’ speaker and the blindingly bright Lumapad smart LED lighting system, but his latest device, the Ultrasonic Levitation Machine, definitely rises above his other projects. Using only sound, the device is able to levitate small objects in mid-air, such as these pellets, a clover leaf and even this lucky spider. Trickery? Nope – it’s pure science. And it really works.

And that’s the coolest thing about Haberkern’s ACME-like inventions: he gets your mind thinking about how his little toys could scale up to bigger and better things – like a real-life hoverboard. He’s already hit his funding goal – again – but you can still get in on the fun for about $120.

It looks like popular gaming observation site Twitch will get scooped up by Amazon, which has been in a battle with Google to go big on gaming in general.

But the twist is, you don’t play games on Twitch, you watch other people play games – often in real time. For gamers, it’s a great place to bone up on tips, tricks, and to just watch players way better than yourself at Call of Duty show you how it’s done. Sound strange? Hey, 45 million monthly viewers can’t be wrong. Google was supposedly going to snap up Twitch, but now it looks like Jeff Bezos is going get his game on. How much? Yep: a billion dollars.

We’re all familiar with those crazy GoPro first-person point-of-view videos, so now that pretty much all the human activity has been documented, what’s left to shoot? Well, how about whatever your dog is doing? That’s right, GoPro is now offering Fetch, a canine harness system so you can relive Shep’s adventures over and over again – from his point of view. Think it’s a joke? It’s not. You can choose from a chest-mount or a saddle-like back mount system.

In an ironic twist, the system includes a leash – for your GoPro – so if Buster’s antics break the camera free, you won’t have to go track it down. So when’s the cat version coming out? Who knows, but we get the feeling the footage will be a bit less exciting, and good luck putting the harness on…

Your host today is Caleb Denison