FAA warns of GPS testing, Lexus update goes wrong, fly by Power Glove

If you’re a connoisseur of tinfoil hats and live in California, better get out your best chapeau and hit the chat rooms, because the GPS in your area is about to get weird – or go away completely. The FAA has released a flight advisory saying that GPS service may become unreliable or even unavailable, depending on your location and altitude. The testing begins today at 1630 Zulu time, which is 9:30 a.m., and lasts for 6 hours.

The outages range from 50 feet above the ground to over 40,000 feet, and stretch from Mexico to Nevada to the Oregon border. After today’s meeting with our extraterrestrial overlords…er, we mean, “military tests,” there will be  five more “tests” this month. Go here for details from the FAA.


Speaking of GPS, some Lexus owners in the U.S. are breaking out the paper maps and plugging their earbuds into their phones after an over-the-air software update essentially bricked their luxury cars’ GPS and infotainment systems. Lexus is aware of the issue and posted a tweet saying they are hard at work on a solution, but videos showing Lexus LCD screens rebooting over and over are popping up all over YouTube.

And, of course, Lexus is getting pilloried on social media over the fail. The cars themselves are still drivable, and one Lexus owner was a bit more reasonable about the hiccup, saying in 16 years of Lexus ownership, this was the first issue ever, and called it what it is: a true first world problem. It’s not clear exactly how many Lexus cars are affected, and it looks like it’s only happening in the United States.


Remember the Power Glove? Yeah, we sort of don’t either, but if you’ve got one tucked away in the closet and you just got a fancy new drone, better bust it out. Nolan Moore added some inertia sensors and other bits of tech to his Power Glove, and now he can control an obedient robot aircraft with it. That’s right, with bit of hacking and a soldering iron, you too can control your drone in a god-like fashion with the now truly powerful Power Glove.

Pointing, tilting and making a fist with the glove commands the drone to fly hither and yon, and hopefully shoot laser beams in the near future. Moore isn’t done tweaking the Power Glove, and says he’d like to add more capabilities in the next version.