Graphics card maker Nvidia makes a play for machine learning and AI tech niche

Would you like to play a game?

In case you missed it, artificial intelligence is a big deal these days, with every app and gadget maker looking to pack ever more smarts into their products. Typically, researchers working on Artificial Intelligence make it smarter by using what’s known as “machine learning,” and since that usually involves computers teaching computers as it were, the faster your computer is, the better.

However, one specific kind of computer, the high-powered “GPU” or Graphics Processing Unit, which originally was developed in response to the demands of the graphics in high-end video games, seems especially well suited to machine learning, and there’s no bigger name in the GPU game than Nvidia. Now, Nvidia is putting more focus on making products specifically for A-I, and they’ve just introduced a new machine-learning specific GPU called the Tesla V100.

Let’s just say right now that the V100 is huge, it’s very, very expensive, and it’s not for gamers – it’s for data centers and A-I workouts. But, take heart – this kind of stuff tends to trickle down quickly, and we’ll definitely see a gaming GPU based on the new tech sooner than later. Read more about Nvidia’s GPUs, A-I and machine learning.

Logging more than your music choices

If the word “keylogging” doesn’t strike fear in your heart, well, it should, and now a security firm says they’ve discovered a keylogging program on some HP computers. A keylogging program does just that: it records every keystroke you make on your computer and stores it. If a hacker or malware program gets ahold of the file, they can use it to suss out passwords, private information, log-ins and much more.

Swiss cyber security firm Modzero says they found a keylogging program inside an audio driver of all things on numerous HP laptops, including the new Folio G1, Elitebook, ProBook, and Zbook models. Go here for a complete list of affected PCs and here’s a fix to remove the keylogging program.

Four to go?

It’s iPhone 8 rumor roundup time again, and this time it’s not so much what the phone will be like, but when it’ll arrive – and how many there will be. According to a post on BGR, reliable Apple secret leaker OnLeaks says the new top-of-the-line iPhone, whatever it ends up being called, will indeed be ready to be revealed and shipped in September, despite rumors the phone was being delayed due to technical issues.

How many phones will be available is another issue altogether of course. Forbes is saying their sources are saying Apple may introduce four new phones this September, not three. The fourth phone? A revamp of the surprise hit iPhone SE, which will be called the SE2 or SE Series 2. And, it won’t look like the current SE, which retains the “Steve Edition” design with sharp edges and a small screen.

No, the next SE will still be smaller than the iPhone 7 or 8, but according to Forbes, those old edges will be rounded down to better match the form factor of the rest of the line. Again, it’s all rumors and speculation until Tim Cook takes the stage, just five short months from now. Have a great summer.

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