A black hole for urine and Mark Zuckerberg gives his Facebook fortune away | DT Daily

Dudes! We all need to take a second to celebrate, because they did it. The scientists finally figured it out. In what had better go down as the landmark scientific development of 2015, researches have solved the “urinal splashback” problem. Anyone who’s worn khakis while peeing in a urinal or, you know, just taken a look at the floor below one, knows the problem of which we speak.

Using a urinal causes a micro-spray of pee to come blasting back at you, leaving you covered in a fine mist of urine, which is clearly visible as polka-dot pee spots on a nice pair of khakis. What a way to spend the day, right? It’s terrible, and it’s been going on for decades. Just imagine all those coworkers of yours just … ew! But, finally, a team of physicists at Utah State University  have created what is essentially a black hole for urine.

The team developed an insert — inspired by a super-absorbent moss — that’s actually made of a carbon nanotube structure known as Vantablack. Now, Vantablack is famous for letting light in but not letting any of it leave, making it the “world’s darkest material.” But in its urinal application, instead of taking light as its prisoner, it apprehends pee. Imagine a forest of these tiny little pillars that capture urine as it comes in, but refuse to release it.

The scientists say this is just the beginning for this new technology. We say, you’re good, gyys. This is … amazing. Quit while you’re ahead, patent this sucker and deploy it everywhere right now because we need it. And thank you Utah State … well played.

Finally, Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg is a Dad now. And as any parent will tell you, your first bundle of love will make you do some funny things — they’re like a toxin for goodwill. Well as far as Zuck is concerned, he’s feeling compelled to give away his fortune. Yesterday, Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced that they will be giving away 99 percent of their fortune to good causes over time.

The philanthropic organization, called the Chan Zuckerberg initiative, will not be a non-profit organization, though. It will operate as an LLC, meaning it can make investments, acquisitions and such, and not be hamstrung by the long list of guidelines governing non-profits. The funds for this initiative will be doled out over Zuckerbergs lifetime, so it isn’t as if they’re giving away $45 Billion all at once. Though, 99 percent is a LOT of Zuckerberg wealth, no matter how you slice it.

We’ll be hearing a lot more about this initiative over the next few decades — think Bill and Melinda Gates foundation — so be sure to check out the full story as well as all of the days latest tech news at DigitalTrends.com That’s it for DT Daily today, we’ll see you again tomorrow.