Pew pew pew! Atari CEO says business is good, ‘Ataribox’ is on the way

Let’s go saucer hunting

There’s big buzz around the latest retro gaming console, which is expected to come from a resurgent Atari, which slid into bankruptcy in 2013. Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, who owns the company, confirmed to Venture Beat last month that new hardware was on the way, and now we’re getting our first look at what has become known as the “Ataribox.” And it might turn out to be more than just a classic game machine.

Chesnais told Venture Beat that the classic gaming icon is profitable once again thanks to mobile games and licensing, like the little bit in the new Blade Runner 2049 movie out later this year. In a post, Chesnais said the Ataribox will include both classic and “current” gaming content – which we hope means “new games,” of course. The photos of the box indicate it will have Ethernet, USB and HDMI connectivity, so we can finally get our Asteroids on in full HD.

There’s no firm date on when the Ataribox will arrive or what the price will be, but considering how popular the Nintendo NES Classic retrobox was last holiday season, we’d lay odds it’ll arrive just before the biggest shopping season of the year.

Buy anything, Anytime. With friends.

Rumors are flying that Amazon could be working on a chat app called “Anytime,” and it could have a spin that sets it apart from many, many other chat app options out there.

So what could the difference be? Amazon could be looking to focus the app primarily on Amazon customers in order to build a sort of “Amazon social network” with the software. Another twist? Amazon’s AI agent Alexa could be part of the equation.

It’s not unusual for retail sites to have robust messaging communities; sites like eBay and Craigslist both successfully support interactions among users, but Amazon’s Anytime could be the first to integrate an AI into the mix

CNBC says Anytime might incorporate photo and video sharing, along with popular features found on other social media platforms. So far, Amazon hasn’t said if Anytime is going to be released anytime soon. Sorry…

The smarter the better

Last summer, the U.S. Department of Transportation waved $40 million in front of the city planners from several American metropolises to kickstart a competition to see who could come up with the best plan for a “smart city.”

In the end, Columbus, Ohio, took the prize but the contest also started a movement of sorts among the also-rans, which included Kansas City. Despite not winning, KC has pushed ahead with their smart city plans, and the installation of a light rail streetcar line proved to be ground zero for a new approach to tech makeovers that are now spreading across the city.  It’s a fascinating story about how an old city can learn new tricks that makes life better for everyone.

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