Snoop Dogg wants to run Twitter – DT Daily

Following yesterday’s resignation of twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, there’s an unlikely successor stepping forward. Snoop Dogg. Yes, Snoop took to Twitter of course to announce he believes he can take the company in a new direction. This first order of business could be increasing the 140 character limit on Tweets to 420. Wall street is mixed on this possibility because Snoop does have his mind on his money, but he also has, his money on his mind. In all seriousness, the search for a new CEO will be led by twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey, who takes over as interim CEO on July first.

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On Thursday, Oculus unveiled the retail version of its Rift virtual reality headset . It’s lighter than previous developer versions and features a new motion tracking system that uses a stationary reference object. Each Rift headset will include an Xbox One controller with computer connection and also unveiled was a pair of wii-esque motion controllers. The Rift will be available early next year, but there’s no pricing information yet.