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Amazon Echo Plus has never been cheaper than it is today

“Alexa, show us the cheapest-ever price for the Amazon Echo Plus.” We’ll say this for Alexa, she listens. Right now, the Amazon Echo Plus is on sale for only $80. That’s $70 off its original price of $150, a savings of nearly 50%.

This is a third-generation Amazon Echo Plus. While it’s the exact same size and weight as the second generation, Amazon made some significant changes. First, it updated the look, giving the exterior a more sumptuous fabric that looks as nice as it feels. Perhaps more significantly, it really upped the sound architecture in the speakers. Most of us use our Echos as speakers first and foremost, so this attention to sonic detail is greatly appreciated.

Which isn’t to say that sound is the only trick the Echo Plus has up its velvety sleeve. Like the Echo Dot, the Plus can be the access point to all your favorite music and podcasts, as well as manager your smart home: control the lights, your security system, your cameras, and TV. But the Echo Plus has phenomenally better sound than the Dot (the plus has a 3.0-inch woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter with more power), and has a built-in Zigbee hub that enables connections to a wide range of compatible smart home devices.

How good is that sound? Well, you can personalize your listening experience with the equalizer, but if you’re considering an upgrade from your Dot or second-generation Plus, there’s the opportunity to combine it with this piece and create a speaker system. Or, if you want, place the speakers in different rooms and coordinate them for unified sound throughout your home (for big bass fans, it also pairs beautifully with the Echo Sub).

The best thing about the Plus is its voice-control. All effort has been removed from pulling up and playing your favorite music, podcasts, and series (if your TV is connected). It’s set up to coordinate with services like Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM. And if it’s more than just you in the home, the Echo Plus works like an intercom through Drop In and Announcements. On top of all this, Amazon has been working hard on its privacy tech, making sure that what’s yours stays yours.

The Echo Plus provides a huge amount of convenience, and a whole lot of sound, that can make any home more enjoyable and efficient. We’ve seen some fantastic Amazon Echo deals, but we’ve never seen the price this low. If you rush to Amazon now, you can get an Echo Plus for $80 – -a whopping $70 off the the regular price of $150. If you need a smart speaker, a second speaker, or an upgrade, now might be the time to get one.

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