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Amazon’s newest Fire 7 isn’t on sale for Prime Day, but you should buy it anyway

Prime Day 2022 is finally here, and the online shopping event has already proven to be full of some of the best Prime Day deals we’ve seen in recent years. One of Amazon’s first-party devices, however, won’t be seeing a price cut for the event — but that shouldn’t stop shoppers from considering picking up the 2022 version of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

While the 2019 Fire 7 is currently on sale for just $30 ($20 off from its brand new $50 price tag), spending $60 for the newest version is absolutely worth it. Although you could get two 2019 Fire 7’s for the price, the 2022 update is significantly better than its predecessors. It’s certainly tempting to snag a tablet for $30, however, the additional value you’ll get out of the 2022 Fire 7 will easily cover that cost.

Why the 2022 Fire 7 is worth the full $60 price

Kindle Fire 7 (2022) tablet sitting on a wooden table.

To be clear: the 2022 Fire 7 isn’t the best tablet on the market. But for just $60, buyers should be able to look past its shortcomings thanks to how much better it is than the 2019 version. The most noticeable change is the enhanced speed of the 2022 Fire 7. According to Amazon, the 2022 upgrade runs 30% faster, a significant increase in processing speed that can be felt in every aspect of the tablet — from streaming video content to running apps.

Likewise, battery life has also been improved. The 2019 Fire 7 is said to have up to seven hours of battery off of a full charge, but our tests found that the battery life is drastically reduced when streaming video. As a result, the 2019 version has something closer to four-and-a-half hours of battery. According to Amazon, the 2022 Fire 7 has 40% more battery capacity than the 2019 version. We’ve still yet to do our tests to see just how long the 2022 Fire 7 lasts when streaming or using more demanding apps, but based on reviews, it seems like it can last for around nine hours.

The 2022 Fire 7 has an important hardware change as well: it’s ditched the Micro-USB port in favor of a USB-C port. Micro-USB has started getting phased out over the last few years and is seen on few devices these days. As such, the switch to USB-C is a welcome one. The switch to USB-C also comes with peace of mind in knowing that the charging port and the cable are far less likely to be damaged when in the hands of younger users.

Although the drastically reduced price point of the 2019 Fire 7 for Prime Day is tough to beat, the 2022 version is the clear winner when it comes to performance and user experience. Even though it isn’t on sale currently, it’s a solid investment for anyone looking for a cheap tablet that’s able to cover the basics of e-reading, playing simple games, and streaming.

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