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Amazon lowers Echo Dot cost and slashes price of the Dot and Smart Plug bundle

Amazon just unleashed two extraordinary price cuts on third-generation Echo Dot smart speakers, which means the Alexa device is finally back in stock in sufficient quantities following the blowout sales of the holiday season.

When the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot sold out last December, it was a heads-up on how popular the Alexa smart speaker has become. You know you have a hit when even Amazon can’t keep enough inventory in stock to fill all orders. At the time, Amazon posted that the Dot wouldn’t be back in stock until March 2019. Without revealing exact numbers, Amazon later stated it sold tens of millions of Echo devices worldwide.

So now the newest Echo Dot, the third-generation, is on sale for $40, $10 off its regular $50 price — a nice 20-percent discount. But when we looked deeper we found that the bundle with the Echo Dot and the regularly $25 Amazon Smart Plug is also on sale for the same $40, so you save $10 and the plug for free. Earlier this week we thought it was pretty cool when Amazon cut that two-piece bundle (Dot plus Plug) to $50. But now, just two days later, the price dropped again.

So yes, the Amazon Echo Dot for $40 is a good deal. But the Echo Dot and Smart Plug bundle, also for $40, is a steal, a 47-percent, $35 discount from the usual $75 combined separate prices.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) — $10 off

The third-generation Echo Dot is the smartest version of the device yet, with greater microphone sensitivity and much better sound quality than the previous generation. You can use the Dot separately to answer questions, play music, and set alarms and timers, or you can configure it with literally thousands of compatible smart home devices, all controlled by Alexa voice commands and requests.

Normally $50, $40 is a respectable 20-percent price cut for the third-gen Echo Dot. Take advantage of the first price drop this year on the most popular Echo smart speaker in the world.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) bundle with Amazon Smart Plug

We can’t think why anyone buying a third-generation Echo Dot wouldn’t opt for this bundle with an Amazon Smart Plug, because it costs the same as the Dot alone. Configure the Smart Plug by name, and then you can control lights, small appliances, or anything else you plug into the device. The Smart Plug does nothing without an Echo Device, but once you configure your first Smart Plug with a Dot or other Echo smart speaker, the added convenience will likely start you thinking about other applications in your home.

Usually $75, the Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug bundle price is cut to $40 for this sale. If you’re looking for your first Alexa device or want to add to your existing smart home setup, this is a great opportunity to buy the Dot at a discount and get an Amazon Smart Plug for no additional cost.

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