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Backlit keyboards are ridiculously cheap at Walmart today

Backlit mechanical keyboards have become pretty standard, and if you’ve lived in the olden days when they weren’t, you’ll know that the backlighting can be a big help, especially when gaming or in a room that isn’t very well lit. Unfortunately, sometimes they can be pretty expensive, especially if you want them to be mechanical, but thankfully Walmart has some great deals on a couple of backlight keyboards that bring them below $50.

Bajeal Compact Wired Mechanical Keyboard – $39, was $78

Bajeal compact wireless keyboard backlight side on view
Best Buy

Our first offering for the day is a compact keyboard with just 61 keys, which may be just the ticket if you don’t have a lot of room to put your gear in. The Bajeal is also backlit and wireless and even uses Blue switches, which most gamers prefer, as they are very clicky and great for knowing when a button has been properly pressed when gaming. It also has 6-key rollover, also known as anti-ghosting, so you can press up to six different keys without worrying about one of them not registering. As for the backlighting, it has 14 different effects for you to choose, which is a pretty nice departure from the monochrome backlighting you often see with budget mechanical keyboards.

Maboto Keys Wired Mechanical Keyboard – $50, was $100

Maboto Bjeal mechanical-keyboard colored front view
Best Buy

Much like the previous keyboard, this one is compact, although it’s still slightly larger and has arrow keys, so it’s a nice alternative if you want something small but not too small. Interestingly, the Maboto also has anti-ghosting, but with 26 keys rather than just six, although realistically, the chances of you needing that many are pretty low. Regardless, it’s an interesting addition. With the 87 blue switches, it’s a nice upgrade from the one above, or an upgrade to a membrane keyboard, especially considering it’s only going for $50. We’ll also mention that the color is pretty sweet, and even though it’s missing the number buttons on the side, it’s still great for gaming, so check out some of our gaming deals. Of course, if you still prefer something a little bit fancier, then you might consider some other great wireless keyboard deals.

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