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Best Prime Day smart thermostat deals for 2021: The best sales you can still shop

All the latest Amazon Prime Day smart thermostat deals and sales

That’s it, Prime Day 2021 is over. The Prime Day deals are mostly history — except that some of the deals linger on even though Prime Day is officially over as of midnight last night. With the dog days of summer coming fast, now’s the perfect time to shop these remaining Prime Day smart thermostat deals, but now’s not the time to dither. We’ve seen a few deals sell out already and don’t want that to happen to you. The yearly Prime Day blowout is the best opportunity of the year (until Black Friday, anyway) to save on pricey electronics like smart home gadgets, and there are some great smart thermostat discounts right now if you’re looking to smarten up your living space and save on energy bills as the summer arrives.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then read on, because we’ve rounded up all the best remaining Prime Day smart thermostat sales right now from Amazon and other retailers like the Walmart Deals for Days sale (meaning that you don’t need a Prime membership to save big), along with a quick shopping guide. Planning to load up on some more gadgets to bring your house or apartment into the 21st century this year? Check out these Prime Day smart home deals and Prime Day Nest thermostat deals, too.

Best Prime Day smart thermostat deals available today

We’ll be updating this page regularly to add the best smart thermostat deals available during and after Prime Day, so keep a lookout for any particular models that appeal to you.

Should you buy a new smart thermostat in a last-minute Prime Day deal?

Yes, you should, but don’t rush in blindly. If you’ve been looking to add some smart home devices to upgrade your Google or Amazon ecosystem, Prime Day is one of the best times of the year to do that, even though the selection is more limited now that Prime Day 2021 is officially over. Smart thermostats are one of the most convenient and efficient additions to a smart home because they function easily with Wi-Fi and control your heating and cooling systems automatically. There’s so much more to these thermostats than just telling you the temperature of your room; grab one of these Prime Day smart thermostat deals and conventional thermostats will feel like a thing of the past.

If you’re thinking about waiting for Black Friday on the off chance that you might get a better deal on that smart thermostat you’ve had your eye on, our advice is: Don’t. Prime Day and Black Friday deals are more or less on a par with one another, so you don’t gain anything by waiting — and you might miss out on months of potential energy savings by getting your thermostat later instead of now. There’s also higher demand during Black Friday as the sales are not exclusive to Prime members. This means that retailers have more trouble keeping up with the increased demand, resulting in hefty shipping delays for everything you buy as we experienced last year (compounded by the fact that people will be doing their holiday shopping in late November).

If you already know what you want, we suggest shopping on Prime Day as you’ll be able to get your products in time, without having to fend off crazed Black Friday shoppers. We also don’t expect prices to vary much between the two events so don’t let that stop you from getting on these Prime Day smart thermostat deals early. Also remember that not all Prime Day smart thermostat sales are relegated to Amazon; many other retailers are running their own blowouts concurrent with Prime day to get in on the surge of online shopping action. Make sure you follow these tips to prevent buyer’s remorse while shopping these thermostat deals on Prime Day.

In 2020, we saw a bundle of nice Prime Day smart thermostat deals on top models from brands like Google, Ecobee, Honeywell, and Emerson. There were some especially nice Nest thermostat deals for Prime Day 2020 (as well as for Black Friday, since the sales were so close together last year): The Nest Thermostat E saw discounts of more than 30%, with the best offers being bundle deals that included the thermostat with extra room sensors. Other specific models that saw nice markdowns included the Emerson Sensi and the EcoBee 4.

How to choose a new smart thermostat

There are some great brand-name smart thermostats getting big discounts during and after Prime Day, but there are a few things to keep in mind while you shop. Always stick to household names; never buy your new smart thermostat from a brand you’ve never heard of before. Do some research beforehand and check which smart thermostats offer features that suit your particular needs. Also, if you see a heavily discounted deal on any product, always check the reviews and ratings available before buying. If a deal looks suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is.

Apart from offering the obvious Wi-Fi connectivity, there are certain features that set a good smart thermostat apart from a great smart thermostat. If you’re looking for simple heating and cooling properties without anything special, any affordable smart thermostat will do the trick. That said, if you pay a little extra there are some added conveniences you want to look for. Certain thermostats have inbuilt humidity sensors that will trigger an alert if your room has extremely high or low humidity levels, for example. They can also display your daily weather forecast and have Geofencing abilities that allow your device to know when you’re away or at home. This way you can program your thermostat to automatically function at your desired temperature the minute you enter your home.

Added motion detection features can also automatically adjust the temperature when you enter the room or suspend heating or cooling while you’re out. This is especially great if you want to conserve energy and reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Other additional features to look for are reminders for replacing your air filters, vacation scheduling, and of course, compatibility with your chosen A.I. helper like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Keeping these features in mind will help you choose a thermostat that is worth its price and matches your needs and daily habits.

Pretty much all the big brand-name smart thermostats go on sale during the Prime Day blowout, so keep your radar tuned for Prime Day smart thermostat deals on top makers like Google Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell, which are arguably the “big three” names in this market. Some lesser-known models among the best smart thermostats include the Johnson Controls GLAS and the Cielo Breez, which are also great picks that should be on your list. All of these are available on Amazon and go on sale fairly regularly, so expect juicy discounts come Prime Day (as well as during the run-up to the sale). Feel free to check out our hands-on EcoBee SmartThermostat review, Google Nest Thermostat review, and Ecobee4 review to see what we had to say about a few of our all-time favorites.

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