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Amazon cuts the cost of the Bisell Symphony Pet vacuum by 26%

Dogs may be man’s best friend while cats may be too cool to care. Either way, pets nowadays are treated more like family members and though we cherish their company more often than not, cleaning up after them can really be a pain. If you’ve got yourself into quite a hairy situation, a capable vacuum should do the trick. Bissell is a pro-pet company that advocates for the adoption of rescued pets through their nonprofit foundation and by offering a range of products to equip pet owners. The Bissell Symphony pet steam mop and vacuum (1543A) boasts of features to help you manage your home and alleviate it from your pet’s shedding and messes. Suck up $57 in savings from its usual $220 list price, as Amazon cuts the cost of this all-in-one vacuum by 26%. Take advantage of this sale with another $50 discount after you’re approved for an Amazon Rewards Visa card.

Forget bringing out all kinds of equipment from your utility closet, Bissell’s Symphony enables you to steam mop, vacuum, or do both at the same time. There may be cheaper vacuums but you’ll feel the return in investment as it makes for an efficient and versatile clean. It is important to note that the 1543A is designed for hard floors such as hardwood, ceramic, granite or marble, and linoleum. It may not be cordless and you may miss the swivel action that allows you to go under objects almost effortlessly but it sure tries to compensate with a 25-foot cord that gives you a fair amount of reach and an adjustable ergonomic handle.

Digital controls make the operation on this hybrid cleaner easy. In the absence of a power button, the Bissell Symphony is sparked to life once it’s plugged in but you’ll have to fill up its 400ml water tank and wait 30 seconds for the steam function to be ready. It’s generally safe to use around children since 99.9% of bacteria is sanitized with condensed water, so if you truly want to rid the air you breathe of your pet’s musk, you might want to consider getting either the demineralized scent waters or odor-eliminating scent discs. Washable mop pads are provided for everyday cleaning along with Steamboost pads for messes you’d rather throw away.

The cyclonic vacuum guarantees powerful suction for pet hair and other debris and though you’re cleaning with steam, Symphony Pet keeps the moisture separate thanks to its Dry-Tank technology. Moreover, with its Drop-IT Tank technology, you can just push out the debris and prevent your hands from getting dirty. The Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum (1543A) is an innovative multitasker homeowners with or without pets could appreciate. And since everyone loves a bargain, get it now for $164 instead of $220 on Amazon.

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