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Dell’s All-in-One Inspiron desktop is still $150 off during Cyber Week deals

Cyber Week is a continuation of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals — and it’s a great time to buy holiday presents while there are still savings and time to ship. PC deals are still going strong. If you’re looking for an all-in-one desktop computer that’s still on sale, check out Dell’s Inspiron 24 5000 Touch All-In-One. It’s only $600 during Cyber Week deals. That’s 20% off a gorgeous touchscreen computer.

All-in-one laptops are the sleekest of the sleek. Imagine a giant tablet with mouse and keyboard capabilities. Since they take all the components usually housed in a desktop tower and pack them into the screen itself, they are compact, minimalist, and will fit into any workspace. This particular computer is also gorgeous to look at. With a razor-thin, 8 millimeter border, nothing gets between you and the 24-inch screen. It does max out at Full HD, or 1080p, so you won’t get 4K or Ultra HD from this setup (you should save that for a bigger screen, anyway). The bipod stand on this model lets you slide it pretty close to a wall if you have a small desk, and you can tuck the keyboard between the legs when you’re not using it. This is a great option if you’ve recently started working from home and need to convert your living room into an impromptu home office or classroom.

Besides having a gorgeous appearance, the Inspiron 24 5000 is also beautiful on the inside. It has eight gigabytes of RAM, an Intel i3 processor, and a whole terabyte of storage. Work and play will both look great and feel responsive. This model’s bigger brother, the Inspiron 27 7000, made Digital Trend’s list of the best all-in-one computers, and it was especially recommended for families.

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Retailers aren’t going to let the end of Cyber Monday stop them from getting you holiday deals. Cyber Week PC deals are in full swing. If you’re not sold on an all-in-one PC, there are great cyber week laptop deals and cyber week tablet deals still going, depending on which direction you’re currently leaning. Check out some more Cyber Week computer deals below:

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