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Want to Alexa-enable your phone landline? Amazon’s Echo Connect is now 30% off

Do you still have a landline, or have VoIP in your home? We’ve spotted a good deal on the Echo Connect, Amazon’s phone adapter which connects your home phone to your Echo device. Normally $35, Amazon is offering the Connect for 30% off for a limited time.

The Connect is a small rectangular box that you can hide away if need be. All you need to do is plug the Echo Connect into an available jack in your home, and complete a short setup in the Alexa app: The Connect will then use Wi-Fi to link up with your Alexa devices. It also allows you to sync your contacts from your smartphone, making calling that much easier.

The Echo Connect allows you to both send and receive calls from any device in the home, not just the one closest to the device. While you can make calls for free with any Alexa, and fellow Echo device owners can ‘drop in’ to contact you, the only way you can receive calls from non-Alexa users is by using this device in concert with your Echo devices.

We haven’t had a chance to review the Connect ourselves, but Amazon reviews of the device are pretty solid. Initial reviews weren’t so kind, but this was Amazon’s fault: they cheaped out on writing good directions (even though the setup is pretty easy), and that gave some initial purchasers fits.

But as long as you plug in the device first, let it boot, then follow the included (improved) directions you shouldn’t have a problem. Yes, it doesn’t do much, but as one pointed out, the convenience of it (especially for those with disabilities that make using a phone difficult) could make it worth the investment.

If you don’t have landline service, but might be looking for a VoIP service, we’d recommend Ooma. You can pick up the Ooma Telo system with the Echo Connect for just $99 We recommend Ooma because of its crystal-clear calls, and the fact you can call anywhere nationwide for free. All you’ll need to pay are the monthly applicable taxes and fees.

Ooma’s international calling rates are also very competitive, and they do offer unlimited international calling to select countries through one of their monthly plans. But most of us won’t need to pay much of anything — making Ooma one of the best VoIP deals around.

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