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Black Friday Deal: Grab Eureka NEW400 wet-dry vac for cleaning all spills

Eureka NEW400 cleaning spill in kitchen

Vacuums are expensive. Feature-rich vacuums, especially wet-dry vacuums that can handle all spills, are even pricier. Recognizing that there’s a gap in the market for more affordable options, Eureka has delivered one for under $200. Get excited. They’re perfect for cleaning sticky messes, whether you made them, your kids, or your pets. But the most important distinction is that wet and dry vacuums can vacuum and mop all in one go, and you don’t have to swap out devices, attachments, or anything else. At least, that’s the case with Eureka’s excellent NEW400 wet and dry all-in-one vacuum. It’s even self-propelled to make it easier on you — and it takes less effort to glide around your floors.

Here’s the best part of all, though. For Black Friday, running from November 17 to November 27, you can save big on the Eureka NEW400, which is discounted to $140 instead of its normal $200 price. That’s a total savings of $60, but really, even more, considering you’re not having to buy a separate vacuum and mop. You can grab that deal below right now or keep reading to learn a little more about what the NEW400 has to offer.

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Why you should buy the Eureka NEW400 wet and dry vacuum during Black Friday

Eureka NEW400 with child sleeping quiet operation

With a normal spill, let’s suppose a cereal and milk spill, you first have to pick up the debris. In this case, that would be the cereal crumbs and solids. Then, you have to wipe up the milk and liquid with a paper towel. Finally, you have to mop the area to make sure it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. That’s a lot of work, there are a lot of steps involved, and it can take longer than it has any right to. But with Eureka’s NEW400, you can do all of that in one fell swoop. Just break out the vacuum, clean up, and mop the mess, and you’re done.

Thanks to a dual-tank system with continuous running water, you’re always cleaning as you glide across the floor. The fresh water ensures you’re not just pushing around dirty, nasty water like you would with a regular mop. Because it’s also self-cleaning, automatically flushing the inner tubes and brush roller, you don’t have to worry about taking apart the entire system and scrubbing it down, either. All you have to do is press the self-cleaning button for three seconds to start a cycle. The clean water tank holds up to 600ml of water, while the dirty tank holds 400ml.

The NEW400 is cordless, as well, with a battery that lasts for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. When you’re done, just rest it on top of its standup dock, and it will begin charging.

Altogether, it’s a fantastic way to clean up spills and messes but also to save time cleaning the rest of your home. It will certainly be a huge boon to have the Eureka NEW400 around during the holidays as people are coming and going, maybe even leaving messes by the door and in your halls. You can get it all cleaned up quickly and easily, and thanks to the current Black Friday deal, you can get the NEW400 at a low price. Normally $200, it’s yours right now for just $140, saving you $60. Don’t wait to take advantage of this deal, it’s going to be gone before you know it.

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