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HP is practically giving this workstation PC away — over $1,200 off

Cyber Monday has passed, and Back Friday is a distant memory. But Cyber Week deals are not over! If you need any evidence, look no further than this insane workstation deal from HP. They’re discounting the HP Z2 G4 Workstation by a whopping 65% off — down to $675 from the original $1,928. If you were considering a workstation, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this.

Before getting into it, we should mention that a workstation is not a personal computer. If you want a powerful desktop for playing games or rendering video at home, check out our roundups of Cyber Week PC deals and Cyber Week gaming laptop deals. But if you need a computer for your office that can handle a daily grind of high-end processing, such as leaving it on overnight to render videos, or processing massive 3-D data models, a workstation will have the power you need to keep chugging along.

This is a fully customizable offer. When you go through checkout, you’ll have the option to choose each individual piece of hardware you want to add. Most of these will jack the price up considerably, but considering the initial price cut, you’re still getting a crazy deal. For instance, upgrade the Intel Core processor from the stock i5-9500 to a fancy i9-9900K, then double your memory from 16 gigabytes to 32GB, and you’ve barely gotten back to the original price. A few customization options even shave more cash off your bill, like moving to Linux-ready instead of a Windows 10 operating system. This offer does not include any accessories, but we’ve already curated the best Cyber Week monitor deals, Cyber Week wireless mouse deals, and Cyber Week wireless keyboard deals.

More PC deals available now

If a workstation isn’t what your business needs, don’t worry. Cyber Week deals are continuing to drop. We’ll keep you updated on the best deals we can find as we move into the holidays. Retailers will start running out of stock soon enough. For now, over $1,200 off a premiere workstation is a fantastic deal that shouldn’t be passed up. Check out more deals below:

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