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This is the best Microsoft Surface Pro 7 deal you’ll find today

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on sale at Best Buy

The wildly popular Microsoft Surface Pro 7 brings power and versatility to daily computing, and is currently on sale at Best Buy for $599, marked down from its regular price of $959. Offering a savings of $360, this is one of the best Surface Pro deals to be found on the internet. If you prefer to connect, interact and consume on a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is calling your name. Hurry over to Best Buy to claim your discount from Best Buy now.

Microsoft is one of the longest-standing names in the computing business, and with the Surface Pro 7, they packed the power of a laptop into the touchscreen interactivity of a tablet. Perfect for creating professional documents and spreadsheets, taking notes in class, enjoying a movie on the couch, and creating content for your blog, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is comfortable in any setting. It offers amazing battery life at up to 13 hours between charges, and can reach an 80% charge in just under an hour of plug-in time, so you’ll never find yourself digitally stranded when you need access to your documents or the internet.

We find the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an amazing tablet for most people, and consider it a solid 2-in-1 experience, as you can read in our Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review. The almost edge-to-edge screen is great for consuming content, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity keep the internet at your fingertips, and two USB-C ports make the Surface Pro 7 an expandable experience with additions like external displays, the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, and other accessories.

If you’re looking for computer functionality in the form of a touchscreen tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a tremendous value at any price. When you consider this $360 discount from Best Buy, marking it down from $959 to a final sale price of $599, it’s pretty much a steal. Click over to Best Buy now to claim your new Surface Pro 7, and keep the price of your new digital window at a minimum.

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