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Newegg is having a MASSIVE SALE — gaming monitors, gaming PC deals

Attention gamers! There is a huge sale going on at Newegg right now. The “Gametober” event is bringing massive markdowns on some of the industry’s best gaming monitors and PCs. We’ve rounded up some of the best sales with the biggest discounts on top brands. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing PC or monitor, add a second machine to your line-up, or planning an exciting gift for your child or significant other, then you need to check out these killer deals. From Skyrim to Among Us and everything in between, immerse yourself in your favorite games with ultra-fast frame rates, incredible displays, seamless response times, and other cutting-edge features.

MSI Optix MAG271VCR 27 inch Full HD Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor — $200, was $250

MSI Optix curved gaming monitor displaying colorful screen saver on a white background.

Upgrade your monitor or add a second one to your set-up when you snag this deal. Right now, you can get the MSI Optix Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor for just $200. Featuring an extra-large 27-inch display and curved screen, you’ll never miss a frame or a shot when you play your favorite PC games on this monitor. The curved screen provides better immersion, and the ultra-fast 1ms response time means you’ll never have to experience screen tearing or choppy frame rates. Mystic Light and Night Vision settings let you customize this monitor to fit your specifications. The anti-flicker and less blue light settings reduce eye strain, so you can keep gaming all night long.

GIGABYTE G27FC A 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor — $210, was $250

Gigabyte curved gaming monitor showing colorful game scene on screen, on a white background.

Immerse yourself in every game with this premium curved gaming monitor. The GIGABYTE 27-inch Gaming Monitor is on sale now at Newegg for just $210 during the Gametober sale. Featuring super-fast response time and natural curvature, you’ll be able to focus on the screen and get lost in your games without awkward interruptions from choppy frame rates. Low blue light and flicker-free technology help to reduce eye strain. Experience smoother gameplay with AMD Freesync Premium. This gaming monitor can be wall-mounted to give you more desktop space.

iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktop — $2,700, was $3,500

Ibuypower gaming desktop with colorful components and black case with glass, on a white background.

Discover the powerful performance of this iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktop computer, on sale now at Newegg for $2,700 during the gaming sale. This computer comes equipped with an 11th generation Intel i9 Core Processor, plus Windows 10 Home for all of your everyday tasks. Complete with a 32GB hard drive and a 1TB SSD, you’ll never run out of room on this PC. VR-ready settings let you plug in your Oculus headset for immersive gaming. The innovative mirrored design gives this computer an ultra-futuristic look that will make it an impressive feature in your home office or gaming room. Advanced ventilation and airflow help to keep this computer cool, no matter how hot your game gets. If this gaming PC is a little out of your price range, don’t worry. There are more budget-friendly gaming PC deals going on today that won’t break the bank.

ABS Legend Gaming PC — $2,800, was $3,600

Gaming PC with colorful components inside a black case with glass panels, on a white background." width="720" height="720" />

Become a legend among your friends when you snag this deal. Right now, you can get the ABS Legend Gaming PC on sale at Newegg for just $2800. Built with the GeForce RTX GPU, Asus TUF Gaming Motherboard, and AMD Ryzen CPU, this gaming computer does it all. From super-fast frame rates and load times to impeccable aesthetics, you’ve never experienced performance like this. If you demand the best from your gaming equipment, then this is the gaming PC you need to invest in. Made from the highest quality components to deliver amazing results, don’t pass up this awesome deal. Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out these other gaming PC deals going on today.

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Looking for something a little different? There are even more PC, gaming laptop, and gaming monitor deals going on today as well as tons of games and accessories. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you below.

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