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Ninja’s Hot and Cold Brewed System gets a 20% price cut on Amazon

Sometimes our bodies just look for that surge of caffeine to power through the whole day. Coffee makers may be a staple in most kitchens but, what if its the soothing effects of tea we’re after? You no longer have to be torn between the two, as the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (CP301) serves up caffeine just the way you like it. High-quality coffee makers usually reel in a steep price tag, so a 20% price cut can possibly make all the difference. Lucky for you, Amazon is in the mood to brew up savings by putting this $200 machine on sale for $160.

Ninja’s Hot and Cold Brew system is well equipped to serve you coffee or tea at the temperature you deem fit. Unlike typical drip brewers that drain their entire water reservoir, this Ninja brewer programs water volumes depending on the chosen container size. Cup sizes range from regular to extra large but you may opt for half or go for the full 10-cup carafe when you’re hosting people. Next up are the five available brew styles for classic, rich, over ice, cold brew and specialty. All these customizations will surely trigger a different sensation every time, and if its a creamier blend you’re craving for, you can count on the built-in frother to prepare hot or cold milk foam in seconds.

One of Ninja’s top-selling points is how fast it brews as it produces cold brew in as little as 10 to 15 minutes in comparison to the traditional method that requires at least 12 hours of steeping time. Though it may not be one of its strong suits, it reaches the ideal water temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit quick enough for those rushed mornings. Moreover, its versatility is enriched with Auto-iQ technology. This brewing system is smart enough to recognize which filter basket you’re using for ground coffee and loose tea respectively to avoid intermingling. Pod may be great and all but sometimes it’s just as good to keep things fresh.

Whether you’re relying on a hot cup to warm you up or refreshing iced beverage on a summer day, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (CP301) is a solid bet that delivers in taste and performance. You’ll have everything you need in the box, including the Ninja scoop with the indicated measurements corresponding to your preferred brew size. Grab this custom Ninja brewer on Amazon with its 20% discount now while stocks last. You can also try to knock another $50 off with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

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