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Walmart’s cheap Android tablet is even cheaper for Prime Day 2022

The Onn Tablet Pro lying on a table.

Amazon’s Prime Day, the annual celebration of capitalism in all its forms, is finally here, and this year’s celebration means you can pick up Walmart’s cheapest tablet for even lower than usual. Out of the entire list of today’s sales, this is one of the best Prime Day tablet deals that you can’t afford to miss if you need a cheap and cheerful Android tablet.

How cheap is cheap? Turns out it’s very cheap indeed. Just for Prime Day, you can grab the Onn 8-inch Tablet Pro for just . You’re unlikely to find a deal of this caliber anywhere else on Prime Day, so make sure to grab this Prime Day tablet deal while you can, as stock may not last long.

Why you should buy the 8-inch Onn Tablet Pro

We’ll be completely honest with you from the start: This isn’t going to be a tablet you’ll find on our list of the best tablets. It’s among the cheap tablets, and that means you’re going to have to live with some limitations. The unnamed octa-core processor isn’t going to set the world on fire, and it would be best to avoid gaming on it at all. The 32GB of storage isn’t a lot, and the less said about the camera system, the better. However, even with all that in mind, there’s some gold to be found here. Your storage woes can be fixed with a microSD card, and you probably won’t need to worry about the camera if you have your smartphone nearby. This Prime Day tablet deal may not be an iPad, but it still has some strengths it can offer.

Where this tablet may well shine is in the included Google Kids Space Mode. This feature is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8, and is linked up to your child’s Google account — which can be managed through Google’s Family Link. It’s designed to provide your child with apps, books, and videos that spur curiosity and interest, and that means the Onn Tablet Pro could be an excellent first tablet for a child. With this Prime Day tablet deal taking its price all the way down to $59, this could be a great first device for a child.

Don’t have a child? Well, this tablet still has some potential value for you. At just 8 inches, it’s a relatively small tablet. Small enough, in fact, that it would make a great portable to take on long journeys, or on commutes. The lower processing power won’t matter if you’re just looking to read some books on the subway, and the 32GB storage will be more than enough to hold thousands of e-books. Or, the tablet could make the perfect device to browse social media with. The larger screen would mean you’re not squinting at your smartphone’s display, or it could simply fill in as a replacement device if anything should go wrong with one of your other devices.

While it’s not the best tablet in the world, the Onn Tablet Pro certainly has some value, and that’s why we’re highlighting this Prime Day tablet deal. Best of all, this isn’t the only great deal at Walmart this Price Day. Check out our list of the best Walmart Prime Day deals, as well as the best Prime Day deals from around the internet.

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