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It’s the perfect time to arm your home with security cameras

Smart, connected security cameras are a great way to protect your home, and thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day deals, you don’t need to spend much to enjoy the peace of mind of a modern, multi-camera security system. Our beloved Arlo Pro 3 range of cameras are reduced by up to 30% this Prime Day, whether you’re buying just a single camera, or a bundle of cameras and a connected smart hub, saving you hundreds of dollars in the process.

  • Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Security Camera$140, was $175
  • Arlo Ultra 4K Wireless Security Camera$280, was $400
  • Arlo Ultra 4K Security System (2-Camera) $420, was $600
  • Arlo Pro 3 Security System (3-Camera)$450, was $650

This range of Arlo cameras all support 4K resolution video recording, HDR for enhanced image clarity, and enjoy a 180-degree field of view. That makes it possible to cover a huge area with just one or two cameras, and image correction reduces the fisheye effect that typically plagues wide-angle cameras. Night vision gives you all the same coverage at night as you have in the day, and if you want to add a deterrent, or improve night-time vision, there’s also an integrated spotlight. All footage can be stored in the cloud using your one-year free subscription to the Arlo Smart Premier service, too.

Audio works both ways, so you can use the cameras to both listen in to whatever might be happening in front of the camera, as well as speak through it — perfect for conversing with couriers, or warding off anyone that might not be welcome on your property. Smart noise canceling technologies make sure that you can hear whatever’s being said, too — no need to turn the volume up just to hear what’s going on.

Camera batteries are long-lasting, though there is also the option of a bundled solar panel if you want to be completely green and hands-off with your security system.

Discounts of these camera kits range from $35 for the single camera option to as much as $200 off of the full, three-camera Spotlight security system. No matter which you pick, though, all of these excellent Prime Day home security camera deals are available for the next few hours only. Remember, Prime Day ends tonight at midnight, so if you want to make a saving and protect your home in one fell swoop, now’s the time to do so.

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