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The best Roku Express deal right now is at Walmart for Prime Day

Roku Express 4K+

Streaming devices are a great way to get smart TV tech without buying a new TV, especially with Prime Day deals Prime Day deals flowing in this week. But alas! Amazon’s Prime day is actually almost over. However, you can still shop some killer Roku deals in the Walmart Prime Day sale. Among the retailer’s offers is a $10 discount on the Roku Express 4K+, which lowers the streaming device’s price to an even more affordable $29, from its original price of $39.

The Roku Express 4K+ is an affordable streaming device that plugs directly to your TV through an HDMI connection. The Roku platform allows a non-smart TV to connect to the internet to access streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+. The Roku home screen is easy to navigate, and you can customize it with your favorite apps. The Roku Express 4K+ comes with a voice remote, so you can issue voice commands to control playback and search for content.

Setting up the Roku Express 4K+ is a breeze with the help of on-screen instructions to connect the streaming device to your home’s Wi-Fi, and to create or link a Roku account. After that, your TV opens up to a virtually limitless library of content that you can stream in HD, 4K, and HDR, with sharp resolution and vivid colors. Making it more convenient is Roku’s mobile app, which functions as an alternative to the remote, and enables private listening by connecting your headphones to your smartphone.

You don’t have to wait for Amazon’s Prime Day if you want to transform your old telly into a smart TV, as the Roku Express 4K+ is discounted for Walmart’s Deals for Days. The streaming device is available for only $29, down $10 from its original price of $39. If you’re planning to take advantage of this offer, especially if you want to buy multiples, you should click that Buy Now button as soon as you can, while supplies last.

More Prime Day Roku deals

Looking for something a bit different? There are plenty of other Prime Day Roku deals happening right now. We’ve cataloged some of the best below.

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