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These Sony Bravia 4K TV deals get you a free Echo Dot at Best Buy

What’s better than a discounted Sony Bravia 4K TV? A discounted Sony Bravia 4K TV with a complimentary Amazon Echo Dot in the box, of course. Seriously — order one of the manufacturer’s best-selling televisions now and Best Buy will throw in Amazon’s smallest Echo smart speaker free of charge.

Alone this wouldn’t be an overly exciting preposition; Sony’s Bravia 4K TVs run Google’s Android TV smart software out of the box, which includes Google Assistant. But paired with the fantastic deals it’s offering on the television themselves and it’s an offer you’d be crazy to turn down.

Sony is widely believed to be the best television manufacturer in the field. As such, it sits at the top of the pricing ladder, charging quite a lot more than other brands. So when there’s a discount on any Sony 4K TV, you simply pull out your credit card and punch in the numbers as fast as you possibly can.

Top Picks:

So, what’s being offered? There are a ton of TVs that offer the free Echo Dot so there’s something there for everyone.

  • 55-inch Sony X800G LED 4K TV– $750 ($150 off)
  • 65-inch Sony X800G LED 4K TV — $1,000 ($200 off)
  • 75-inch Sony X800G LED 4K TV — $1,500 ($300 off)
  • 55-inch Sony A8G OLED 4K TV — $1,800 ($500 off)
  • 65-inch Sony A8G OLED 4K TV — $2,500 ($1,000 off)

55-inch Sony X800G LED 4K TV — $750

Out of the two models available, it’s the Sony A8G that’s king, solely because it features a crisper, cleaner OLED screen. But that won’t appeal to everyone. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend taking that path unless you’re after one of the best home viewing experiences money can buy. It’s an acquired taste.

For your average Joe or Jill looking for a 4K TV to sit in the center of their living room to watch a movie with their family over the weekend and tune into the latest must-see drama after work, the Sony X800G is the way to go. They don’t need the extra scraps of detail that come with an OLED.

Aside from better contrast and improved color, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the Sony X800G and the Sony A8G. They look similar, ship running Android TV for instant access to all of the top streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and run Google Assistant.

The two models are also equipped with all the features you expect to find on any and every 4K TV, like a 4K Upscale Engine for turning HD and Full HD material into a higher 4K Ultra HD resolution and multi-format HDR for bumping up the contrast to squeeze every last drop of detail from a scene.

Obviously, neither the Sony X800G or the Sony A8G are cheap. If you’re in the market for something a little lighter on the wallet, there are a number of fantastic 4K TVs on sale, including a 55-inch LG 6-Series for $380, a 55-inch Samsung 7-Series for $500, and a 70-inch LG UM6970 for only $700.

Just remember: None of them come with a free Amazon Echo Dot. Shop the full sale below.

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