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Hurry! Sony PS4 Pro is on sale for just $300 at Walmart right now

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
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When a great deal drops for one of the best current gaming consoles, that’s when holdouts jump in, and the most avid fans invest in a second or third machine.  If you fit one of those profiles, get ready to jump, because Walmart slashed the price of the Sony down to just $300 — a savings of $100 from the usual $400.

We named the Sony PS4 Pro the best gaming console of 2019 just two months ago. Its leadership position remains intact. You can count on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo launching new gaming platforms in the future. However, if you’re shopping for the gaming console with the best games and the hardware to make them look stunning, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is your best choice today.

The PS4 Pro 1 TB’s 4K gaming system with HDR support creates awesome visuals with 4K TVs. Our reviewer also found that the PlayStation 4 Pro makes games look great even on 1080p TVs. You won’t have to buy all new titles either, because the Pro model supports all PS4 games.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB has more ports than earlier models. You’ll find three USB 3.1 port in all (two on front and one of the back). The Pro has an HDMI 2.0 port and an optical video port. The original PS4 had an optical port, but it was dropped for the PS4 Slim to save space. The full port selection ensures your ability hook up to a greater variety of display devices, which always comes in handy. The 1TB hard drive is a good start, but the PS4 Pro’s ability to swap the stock drive out for any 2.5-inch SATA hard drive is another nod to avid players.

As wonderfully engaging and powerful as the PS4 Pro is, there are ways you can tweak it for even more performance with some games. Be sure to check out our coverage of the performance tips and tricks for the PlayStation 4 Pro to get the most possible from the console.

If you want a great deal on the best gaming platform with best selection of games, take advantage of this awesome sale or the one that comes for Black Friday.

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