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The Theragun G3PRO massage gun at its cheapest ever at Walmart for Black Friday

Walmart’s Black Friday sales have arrived! In the mix of thousands of deals, we found one that is absolutely unmissable — especially for those who workout and often deal with soreness. The uber-popular Theragun G3PRO percussion massage gun is getting $200 sliced off its price bringing it down to $399. This Walmart deal brings the G3PRO to its cheapest price ever.

The G3PRO model is the newest and most advanced of all Theraguns, making this $200 price cut that much sweeter.

The abundance of Black Friday deals is almost impossible for one to comb through and decipher which are actually worth a purchase. At Digital Trends, we have dozens of writers and editors doing that research so that you don’t have to, including Black Friday fitness deals from treadmills to fitness trackers to headphones. That’s how we were able to discover the lowest price ever deals on Theragun G3PRO.

More about the Theragun G3PRO

This device provides deep-muscle treatment to athletes — pros or amateurs — helping to rejuvenate their bodies much more quickly while speeding along their recovery from injury. The Theragun uses a unique combination of frequency and amplitude to deliver a massage that is intense but extremely therapeutic, helping to revitalize sore joints, muscles, and other trigger points so an athlete can continue to train at a high level. While incredibly powerful, the device is also lightweight and portable, making it the perfect companion for those who travel for athletic competitions.

It has 2 speeds to adjust the pressure, an adjustable arm, and an ergonomic grip for convenience and comfort. It also comes with a travel case for those often on the go. Another added benefit is that the batteries are swappable to allow you to use the Theragun with one battery while charging another.

If $399 is still out of your budget, you can get the Therguan G3 model for only $299 or the Theragun liv for $199. If you’re not loyal to the Theragun brand, NordicTrack has recently released their Recovery Massage Gun and it’s even cheaper at just $99 at Walmart. However, the Theragun G3PRO is the most advanced option of them all.

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