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Upgrade your Xbox One’s game storage for as little as $52

Any loyal Xbox One console gamer knows that the built-in storage is never enough to hold all the games files in your personal collection. It hurts to delete old games that take up too much space after all the countless hours you’ve spent grinding, and we know the pain too well. Even if you find the best Xbox One deals on the market, without enough space to enjoy all your copied or downloaded games, you might be losing more than you are saving. 

That’s why we’ve gathered four external hard drives from WD and Seagate with storage sizes up to 8TB for your Xbox One. This way, you can replay your favorite games whenever you want and never have to worry about the hassle that comes with deleting then copying files all over again. With prices as low as $52 on Walmart and Best Buy, you can store your save files and file saves in your own portable data vault, worry-free.

WD 1TB My Passport External Hard Drive — $52, was $65

WD’s My Passport portable external hard drive is the cheapest of the bunch. And even with the smallest storage capacity — only capable of holding up to 1TB — you can still effectively double or even triple your console’s native storage, allowing you to store more files than ever. Even if you’re a casual gamer, you can’t go wrong with the extra space. From one of the most reputable brands when it comes to sturdy external storage, WD’s 1TB My Passport hard drive is a great addition to any Xbox One setup. 

It doesn’t occupy as much physical space as a larger and bulkier hard drive either. As it’s only 1.57 x 4.53 x 6.3 inches in dimension, you can squeeze it just about anywhere and take it wherever your Xbox One goes. You can check it out on Walmart where it’s currently on sale for $13 off its retail price, making it a real steal at only $52.


Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB External Hard Drive — $80, was $90

A regular external hard drive is good and all, but nothing beats a storage device specially designed just for your console. As gamers ourselves, it’s hard not to appreciate a dedicated storage device that can offer up to five times as much storage as a regular 500GB Xbox One. That’s why any Xbox One user will definitely love the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox (One) external hard drive. With 2TB of space, you can store up to 40 50GB game files and still have room for more. You can move and save files incredibly fast with its transfer rate at 120MB per second while at optimal conditions, so you can skip out on all the long waits that come with moving data. 

If you’re still using an Xbox 360, then you can also use this to store your game and save files with its backward-compatibility. Its bright green chassis is a simple but eye-catching complement to your console’s white or black color scheme. And because it only weighs just below six pounds, you can comfortably move it around with ease and look good doing it. With nothing but good reviews, you won’t be disappointed with Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox. Its retail price on Best Buy has been discounted to its new lower price of $80, letting you save $10.


WD 4TB My Passport External Hard Drive — $100, was $120

With four times as much space as its 1TB variant, the WD 4TB My Passport portable external hard drive is an excellent choice for expanding your Xbox One’s storage capacity. Being only 1TB behind its largest possible offering of 5TB, this hard drive drives a hard bargain. With the way games have been increasing in size over the years, it’s no surprise anymore that some games can occupy as much as 100GB of space like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. With only 1TB of native storage, you’d only be able to hold as many games as you have fingers. That’s why a 4TB external hard drive can be an absolute lifesaver. 

With this, you can play all your favorite games from any Xbox One console as long as you’ve got the game data and profile ready. It’s incredibly portable, too. Just save all your files on the hard drive. With 4TB, you won’t have to worry about filling it up for a long, long time. If you’ve got more games than the average player, you can consider your storage problems as good as solved. The WD 4TB My Passport portable external hard drive is on sale on Walmart for only $100 — a whole $20 off its retail price.


Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox 8TB External Hard Drive — $160, was $180

One terabyte can go a long way — but what about eight? You can forget about the Shadow of the Colossus because almost no external hard drive comes close to the gigantic storage size you get from Seagate’s Game Drive Hub for Xbox. It boasts a whopping 8TB capacity that can hold your entire library of games and then some. While it’s a decent buy for casual gamers, it shines brightest in the hands of a hardcore user with more games than an average player would know what to do with. It can easily store more than 200 games and still have room left over for downloaded content. While the Game Drive for Xbox HDD has a maximum transfer rate of 120MB per second, the Game Drive Hub for Xbox can perform even faster with a rate of 160MB per second. 

As it’s designed exclusively for the Xbox, it acts as an extension for your game console. It comes with two USB 3.0 ports in the front that you can use to charge your controllers, steering wheels, arcade sticks, and whatever other accessories you have in addition to your console’s included ports. If you’re looking for a top-notch storage option for your Xbox One, then this is a must-buy. You can find it on Best Buy where it’s currently on sale for only $160, scoring you $20 in savings.


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