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When do Memorial Day appliance sales start?

Memorial Day sales are traditionally one of, if not the best time in the year to buy appliances. After the new year starts and the noise and hullabaloo from the previous year’s holiday sales settle, many people turn their attention to improving their homes. Sales of mattresses, large and small appliances, and all manner of home goods pick up during President’s Day sale events and gather steam into the spring. The best appliance deals drop during Memorial Day sales. Here’s when they start.

When are 2021 Memorial Day Sales?

Memorial Day is always on the last Monday of May, so for 2021 Memorial Day is May 31. The sales event last more than one day. In earlier years retailers would hold Memorial Day sales starting the Friday before the holiday, run through the weekend, and end at the end of the actual holiday. So this year that would mean you could expect Memorial Day sales to run from Friday, May 28 through Monday, May 31.

In the past few years, however, we’ve begun to see sales events creeping back on the calendar when competitive retailers hope to capture buyers’ interest by beginning Memorial Day sales earlier. Last year, for example, several retailers started the event on the Monday before the holiday, making it an eight-day sale. Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this year’s Memorial Day sales begin in mid-May due to the always-be-first mentality of holiday sales creep.

Where can I find Memorial Day appliance sales?

You’ll find the greatest selection and the best deals on Memorial Day appliance sales at the same retailers that sell them during the year. So be sure to check the appliance deals at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Target, and Wayfair. We do not have any advance notice on which retailers will have the best refrigerator deals, oven deals, microwave deals, dishwasher deals, or washer and dryer deals, but if you narrow your search to specific brands and models and then focus on the deals at those five retailers, your chances of scoring an excellent deal are highest.

Should I buy appliances in Memorial Day Sales?

Memorial Day sales are great or even the best you’ll find all year, but it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement. Certainly, if you need a specific appliance right now, there are already many very good appliance deals available. If you can wait for the actual Memorial Day sales, conservatively from May 28 to May 31, you’ll have the best chance of finding the lowest prices.

But not everything is on sale and all of the appliances in the sale will necessarily be great or even good deals. The best strategy is to do your research ahead of time so you know what sizes, colors, and features you want and then identify likely candidates. As the sales get closer monitor your favorite brands on the big websites to catch the news of deals as they drop. We’ll continue to watch and keep you up to date on Memorial Day sales, so check Digital Trends regularly for the latest appliance deals of Memorial Day sales 2021.

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