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Save big on the new Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 power station

This content was produced in partnership with Zendure.

A portable power station is a great thing to have around, whether it’s for your home’s disaster preparedness kit or for powering up your electronics on vacations and camping trips. Good power stations aren’t cheap pieces of equipment, though, and while we feel that they’re definitely worth the investment, it’s important to get a capable one. It’s also easy to underestimate how much wattage you’ll actually need, and if you have found that other power stations aren’t delivering enough energy to keep up with your lifestyle, then you need to check out the new Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000. Now’s a great time to buy it, too, as Digital Trends readers can score a juicy $400 discount right now. Read on to learn more about the new Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 power station and how you can save.

We all rely on electronic gadgets in this day and age, and there’s the ever-present need to keep everything charged up. Portable power banks are handy in these instances, but even the best portable chargers are really only suited for small devices like smartphones or maybe a tablet. For larger and more energy-hungry electronics such as laptops, cooking appliances, and power tools, you need something with a bit more juice. That’s where a portable power station like the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 comes in.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000, as you might have guessed from the name, boasts a massive 2,000-watt maximum output, which makes it one of the most powerful portable batteries on the market today. That’s enough to fully recharge a 13-inch MacBook more than 20 times. It can even power devices requiring up to 3,000 watts, including vacuums, chainsaws, induction motors, and other heavy-duty appliances thanks to Zendure’s AmpUp feature.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 portable power station sitting on a living room table.

This heavy-duty power station also provides 14 ports with which to deliver that energy to your connected devices and appliances. These include six AC outlets, four USB-C ports, three DC outputs, and a 13.6V car output. When it’s time to charge up the SuperBase Pro itself, you can hook it up to AC, EV, or a solar panel and juice it up to 80% in as little as an hour (or two hours for a full charge) thanks to Zendure’s proprietary GridFlow fast-charging technology.

Not only can it charge up all of your devices, but its wheeled base, telescopic aluminum handle, and rugged design also mean that the SuperBase Pro can go with you just about anywhere. If you’re using in the home as backup power for blackouts, its Uninterruptible Power Supply function will automatically switch connected appliances to the SuperBase Pro’s energy supply in the event of a power outage.

This 2,000-watt power station has some nice modern touches as well, such as built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G connectivity. That 4G network compatibility allows you to remotely manage the SuperBase Pro 2000 right from your compatible smartphone from anywhere so long as you have a 4G signal, even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. The app’s ZenForest feature also lets you see your energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction, and Zendure works with to plant new trees on your behalf for the carbon reduction points you collect.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 portable power station just launched following a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, and it retails for $2,299. But for a limited time only, Digital Trends readers can save $400 with the discount code DigitalTrends, knocking the price down to $1,899.

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