4 Fast 4 Furious: Jack all the cars in Battlefield: Hardline’s Hotwire multiplayer mode

In a new trailer, EA has revealed Hotwire, a multiplayer mode for Visceral Games’ upcoming cops-vs-robbers shooter, Battlefield: Hardline. Much like the Nic Cage classic Gone in 60 Seconds, Hotwire tasks your team with stealing (or repossessing, in the case of the cops) a list of marked cars and driving like hell.

The trailer shows off some heated, high-speed pursuits filled with plenty of shooting out windows, explosions, a requisite jump off the back of a flatbed truck, and the brief appearance of an airboat that would make Archer proud. The vehicle-centric action will provide a high-octane alternative to the mostly on-foot action of Hardline‘s gunplay. Hotwire joins Rescue, Heist, and Blood Money in the game’s selection of multiplayer modes.

Battlefield: Hardline was revealed earlier this year for a surprise fall release, but was subsequently delayed until early 2015 to ensure  a polished game that really stands on its own rather than feeling like a Battlefield 4 reskin. It will come to PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles.