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Acer introduces a (slightly) more affordable version of its epic gaming throne

Acer unveiled its utterly bonkers Predator Thronos gaming chair at IFA 2018, though calling this beast a “chair” is underselling it. At this year’s IFA, Acer announced an updated version of the chair called the Predator Thronos Air which is (slightly) more affordable. At $14,000, it’s practically a bargain.

The chair sits in a steel structure which encloses you while you play and has a modular desk and an arm to hold three monitors. There’s a platform at the back to hold your PC, with the requisite cable management system to keep your throne looking sleek.

Acer Predator Thronos Air Acer

The main difference between the newer model and the previous model is the degree of automation. The more expensive original model featured automatic adjustment of monitors using a motor. At $20,000, the original was only for the most hardcore of gamers. The new version is $6,000 cheaper, ditching the motorized monitor arm so you’ll have to adjust your own monitors using a handle like a pleb.

Predator Thronos Air | Predator Gaming

The chair is still adjustable though, with a desk that has a moveable keyboard and mouse tray and a moveable footrest. And should you find yourself tiring through long gaming sessions, you can relax with the chair’s massage function.

In addition to supporting three monitors for an immersive experience, there’s a mount above the monitors for a camera should you want to stream your gaming sessions and make your Twitch viewers super jealous of your sweet setup. And of course, it wouldn’t be a gaming accessory if it didn’t come with colored lighting. This year’s model has soft teal lighting for setting the gaming mood.

If you’re looking at this monster and thinking that what’s missing is somewhere to put your Mountain Dew, then good news — the chairs can be upgraded with customization options including a cup holder, a seat stabilizer, or a headset holder.

A warning if you’re thinking of plonking down the 14 grand though: You ought to know that the chair doesn’t come with monitors. You’ll need to purchase three large monitors to deck out your throne, which pushes the budget for this ultimate gaming experience even higher. If you go ahead and buy one anyway, let us know — we want to come round to your place and play on it.

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