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Want to see someone beat Sekiro blindfolded? Here’s how to watch AGDQ 2022

Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual speedrunning event that raises thousands of dollars for charity is back on this year with a game of the year nominee-packed schedule. The event is scheduled to begin this upcoming Sunday and will give viewers hours upon hours of blazing-fast gameplay to watch. Here’s how you can watch the seven-day-long speedrunning extravaganza.

When does AGDQ 2022 online start?

AGDQ 2022 online is set to start on January 9 at 8:30 a.m. PT and will run for nearly a full week, ending on January 15 shortly after 9 p.m. PT. The show is split into segments of multiple games, each of which has its own estimated time to complete, although hiccups during gameplay can and likely will make games last longer than expected.

Where can I watch AGDQ 2022 online?

Viewers can watch AGDQ 2022 online at any time on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel. Anyone who isn’t able to catch a speedrun they’re looking forward to can still watch it, just on Games Done Quick’s YouTube channel, where a recording of every run from the event will be uploaded.

What to expect from AGDQ 2022 online?

Awesome Games Done Quick events are the highlight of the year when it comes to speedrunning. With the stream running 24 hours a day, there’s always some game being played or totally broken. This year’s lineup of games also happens to include a decent number of 2021’s game of the year nominees, including Death’s DoorDeathloop, and Returnal.

Of course, there are some other notable runs that shouldn’t be missed, including a blindfolded speedrun of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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